Does Dominos Sell Slices? (All You Need to Know)

Dominos, one of the world’s top pizza companies, is a favorite of many for parties and events.  People love the variety in Dominos’ menu, especially when you can feed so many of your friends.

But when it’s just you, will you be able to stop by your local Dominos and just order a slice of pizza? Well, this article will tell you all you need to know, so keep reading!

Does Dominos Sell Slices in 2024?

In most cases, Dominos doesn’t sell pizza by the slice in 2024. Certain locations have been known to sell slices in the past, but there’s a relatively low demand for them. Since most franchises are individually owned, menu items vary. However, it couldn’t hurt to call your local Dominos to be sure.

Keep reading for more information about Domino’s smaller ordering options, including what the $5.99 deal is, along with other related facts!

Why Doesn’t Dominos Sell Pizza Slices?

One reason why Dominos doesn’t generally sell pizza by the slice is that the company is used to larger orders to feed multiple people.

It is common practice to order at least one pizza at Dominos, along with sides.

Since many people order Dominos in the evening for a family dinner or a party, there is little need to sell individual slices of pizza.

Further, ordering Dominos to be delivered is very popular. Fewer people are actually walking into the store to pick up their order, and even then they have usually ordered ahead.

Overall, selling individual slices of pizza at Dominos simply wouldn’t be successful in most areas.

What Is Dominos’ $5.99 Deal?

The $5.99 deal at Dominos allows customers to buy two or more of the following items for $5.99 each:

  • Medium two-topping pizzas
  • Bread twists
  • Salads
  • Marbled cookie brownies
  • Specialty chicken
  • Oven-baked sandwiches
  • Stuffed cheesy bread
  • Boneless chicken wings
  • Pasta dishes

Some of these items normally cost more than $5.99, so it’s a great option for those who are planning on ordering more than just pizza.

How Many Slices Are in a Medium Dominos Pizza?

How Many Slices Are in a Medium Dominos Pizza?

A twelve-inch medium pizza at Dominos is cut into eight slices. Generally, a medium pizza typically satisfies around 4 adults.

What Is the Cheapest Pizza at Dominos?

The cheapest pizza that you can get at Dominos is the small 10-inch pizza, which serves one to two people.

Further, the cheapest crust is the Hand-Tossed crust.

However, if you want to get the best value for what you order, you should get a large or extra-large pizza if you have others with you.

If you’re not with other people, you may want to try freezing the extra slices in order for them to keep longer. Generally, they should last for around 3 months in the freezer.

(For more information, you can read our article on freezing Dominos pizza.)

Does Dominos Have Personal Size Pizzas?

Domino’s smallest standard pizza size is 10 inches. It serves one to three people, and is a great option if you want Domino’s but don’t want to deal with leftovers.

Further, the personal or small pizzas can be ordered on any crust except for the Brooklyn Style crust.

How Big Is a Personal Pizza at Dominos?

Small pizzas at Dominos are the standard personal size. They are 10 inches in diameter and serve one to three people, and are cut into six slices.

How Much Does a Personal Pizza Cost at Dominos?

Personal pizzas (officially called small pizzas) at Dominos cost $5.99.

They can serve up to three people, but you can actually get medium two-topping pizzas for the same price if you order at least two.

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Dominos doesn’t typically sell individual slices of pizza. Since most people order ahead and get larger orders anyway, there isn’t much of a need for it.

You can get smaller pizzas and side dishes at Domino’s that work well for one or two people who don’t want to order a lot of food. One good option is the small 10-inch pizza.

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