Is Domino’s Garlic Bread Vegan? (All You Need To Know)

Domino’s is a hotspot for all things pizza, cheesy bread, and just bread in general. The employees at Domino’s are experts at serving people delicious food made with all kinds of dough.

One of the more popular sides at Domino’s is garlic bread. But if you’re vegan, will you be able to enjoy Domino’s garlic bread? We’ve done the research, and here’s what we found!

Is The Garlic Bread At Domino’s Vegan In 2024?

Vegan garlic bread at Domino’s is primarily found in Australia in 2024. Domino’s stores in Australia have sliced garlic bread that does not contain any animal products, as well as vegan cheesy garlic bread. In the US and Canada, there is no official vegan garlic bread on the menu, and the standard garlic bread twists contain whey.

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about vegan garlic bread at Domino’s!

Is Domino’s Garlic Bread Vegan In Australia?

Yes, Domino’s garlic bread in Australia is vegan. Recently, the Australian branch of the company also released vegan cheesy garlic bread.

If you are vegan and happen to live in Australia, you have the best options among Domino’s fans for vegan garlic bread sides.

Also, the new vegan cheese at Domino’s in Australia is a great way to order a completely vegan pizza. The Australian menu has many official vegan pizza options.

Keep in mind, though, that all the food at Domino’s is prepared in the same kitchen with meat and other animal products used every day. Thus, cross-contamination is possible.

Is Domino’s Garlic Bread Vegan In Canada?

Domino’s in Canada does not have a vegan version of garlic bread or garlic bread twists. That said, garlic bread contains whey, which is derived from milk.

Canadian Domino’s stores do not have official vegan items on the menu, although some locations may offer them since franchisees control their menu.

Are Domino’s Cinnamon Twists Vegan?

Domino’s cinnamon bread twists contain whey, so they are not vegan. However, some independently owned locations may offer a vegan version of the twists.

What Is Domino’s Garlic Bread?

What Is Domino's Garlic Bread?

Domino’s garlic bread comes in different forms depending on where you live.

Often, Domino’s stores in the US and Canada offer garlic bread twists, which are made with the same dough as the hand-tossed pizzas.

In Australia, garlic bread is made with normal sliced bread rather than pizza dough. Unlike the garlic bread twists, the Australian garlic bread is vegan.

Does All Domino’s Garlic Bread Have Cheese?

Some Domino’s locations only offer cheesy garlic bread sticks; others have garlic bread twists, while others, such as Domino’s in Australia, offer vegan garlic bread.

Also, you will usually be able to find a cheese-free version of a garlic bread side, and modifying your order not to include cheese may be possible.

Does Domino’s Garlic Bread Contain Eggs?

No, Domino’s garlic bread does not contain any eggs. In fact, very few items at Domino’s use egg as an ingredient.

Is Domino’s Garlic Sauce Vegan?

Garlic dipping sauce at Domino’s is vegan in Australia, the US, and Canada. However, there may be varying names for the garlic butter sauce, depending on your country.

Also, keep in mind that other garlic toppings at Domino’s, like garlic spread or garlic butter, often contain milk ingredients.

Therefore, you may want to check with the store you’re ordering from to ensure you’re getting vegan garlic sauce.

Is Domino’s Garlic And Herb Butter Vegan?

Garlic and herb dip at Domino’s is not vegan since it contains egg yolk and milk protein. However, Domino’s does have a vegan garlic and herb dip available at some locations.

Also, another option for adding garlic and herbs to your Domino’s order is asking for a garlic and herb shake-on as a topping since it is a vegan mix of spices and other ingredients.

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Domino’s garlic bread is not likely to be vegan unless you’re in Australia, where Domino’s makes garlic bread that uses real bread with no animal products.

In places like the US and Canada, the most common version of garlic bread you’ll find is garlic bread twists, which are made with pizza dough and contain whey.

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