Does DoorDash Take Gift Cards? (All You Need To Know)

Recently, DoorDash announced a feature where customers can send an order to a friend as a gift. On top of that, the company also sells gift cards, which are the perfect present for someone who orders from DoorDash often.

But before you buy a gift card for someone to use on DoorDash, you’re probably asking, does DoorDash even take gift cards? And, if so, what kinds of gift cards?

I was curious about the same thing, so I researched the matter. Here’s everything I found out about DoorDash gift cards!

Does DoorDash Take Gift Cards In [currentyear]?

DoorDash only accepts DoorDash-branded gift cards as of [currentyear]. Unfortunately, DoorDash cannot accept any restaurant-branded gift cards because DoorDash is a third-party delivery service that’s not affiliated with the restaurants in any way. You can buy DoorDash gift cards online or in-person at stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Safeway, Giant Eagle, and several more.

If you want to learn more about using gift cards on DoorDash, like how to check your gift card balance, where you can buy DoorDash gift cards, how you activate them, and much more, then keep reading! I’ve researched everything you need to know about the matter!

Can You Use Gift Cards On DoorDash?

Yes, you can use gift cards on DoorDash, but they have to be through the company itself.

For example, you cannot use restaurant-branded gift cards on DoorDash because DoorDash operates as a third-party delivery service and is not affiliated with the restaurants.

Essentially, only DoorDash-branded gift cards work to pay for food delivery services on DoorDash.

How Do You Use Gift Cards On DoorDash?

If you receive a DoorDash gift card from a friend or family member, it is incredibly easy to redeem it or add it to your account on the mobile app or the website.

That said, follow these steps to use a DoorDash gift card to your account:

  • Tap the “Account” icon (bottom right-hand corner on the mobile app or at the top left-hand corner on a desktop)
  • Select “Gift Card” from the menu
  • Locate the code on the gift card and enter it into the code redemption field
  • Click on “Redeem Gift Card”

After completing these steps, DoorDash will send you a confirmation message, and the value of the card is then added to your account.

Additionally, you can always check on the balance of your DoorDash gift cards before using them (see below).

How Do You Purchase DoorDash Gift Cards?

You can buy DoorDash gift cards using the company’s website or mobile app. That said, if you want to purchase a DoorDash gift card, follow these steps:

  • Open the DoorDash app or go to the DoorDash website
  • Click on the “Account” icon
  • Click on “Gift Card” from the menu choices
  • Click on “Buy Gift Card”

After that, continue by following the instructions, including choosing a card style, amount, recipient, payment information, and gift message.

Where Can You Buy DoorDash Gift Cards?

Where Can You Buy DoorDash Gift Cards?

In addition to buying DoorDash gift cards on the mobile app and website, you can also purchase them in certain stores. For example, some of the stores that carry DoorDash gift cards include:

  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • Albertsons
  • Giant Eagle
  • Safeway
  • Walmart

On top of that, some companies sell DoorDash gift cards online.

When you buy a DoorDash gift card online, you are sent an email containing all the information needed to redeem the value on the card.

Moreover, some of the stores that sell DoorDash gift cards online include:

  • PayPal
  • Best Buy
  • Amazon
  • Walmart

No matter where you purchase DoorDash gift cards, they are sold in values of $25, $50, $100, and $200.

Do You Have To Have A DoorDash Account To Purchase Gift Cards?

No, you do not need a DoorDash account to purchase DoorDash gift cards. So, whether you have a DoorDash account or not, you can buy a gift card for someone.

However, you must have a DoorDash account to redeem DoorDash gift cards.

But, if you receive a DoorDash gift card and do not have an account, it only takes a few moments to set one up. Plus, DoorDash gives a $5 off coupon to use on your first order!

Are There Fees Associated With DoorDash Gift Cards?

No, there are no fees to activate or use a DoorDash gift card. On top of that, DoorDash gift cards do not expire.

Are DoorDash Gift Cards Reloadable?

Unfortunately, DoorDash gift cards are not reloadable. Therefore, the value on your DoorDash gift card cannot be increased after it was initially purchased.

Is There A Limit To How Many DoorDash Gift Cards You Can Buy?

Yes, there are limits in place regarding how many DoorDash gift cards you can buy. That said, you cannot purchase or obtain multiple DoorDash gift cards that value over $10,000 in one day.

Also, if DoorDash suspects fraudulent activity, the company reserves the right to cancel DoorDash gift cards.

How Do You Check Your DoorDash Gift Card Balance?

If you received a DoorDash gift card a long time ago and have no idea how much money is on the card, you can check the balance on the mobile app or the website.

For example, to check a DoorDash gift card balance on your phone, follow these steps:

  • Tap “Account”
  • Click on “Account Credits”

Then, you will see a confirmation message indicating the total amount of DoorDash credits you have left on your account.

On the other hand, to see the balance of your DoorDash gift cards on your computer, follow these steps:

  • Click on the menu icon (three stacked lines in the corner of the screen)
  • Click on “Credits”
  • Click on “Gift Card”

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DoorDash accepts gift cards as an eligible payment method. However, you can only receive DoorDash-branded gift cards and not restaurant-branded gift cards on DoorDash.

Also, you can check your DoorDash gift card balance at any time.

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