Does FedEx Do Passport Photos? (All You Need To Know)

Your photo is arguably the most crucial part of your passport. After all, it’s what border police use to verify your identity when traveling. Given the significance of passport photos, it makes sense to have your picture taken at a reputable location.

FedEx is best known for providing fast and convenient shipping options. But does the logistics company offer passport photos? I asked the same question and looked into it more in-depth. Here’s everything I discovered!

Does FedEx Do Passport Photos In 2024?

FedEx offers passport photo services at FedEx Office locations around the country as of 2024. Use the store finder tool to find a location near you. Two government-compliant 2” x 2” photos cost $14.95 and can be printed in a matter of minutes. In addition to passport photos, FedEx also offers passport renewal services.

I’ve got all of the details about FedEx’s passport printing service, so be sure to check out the rest of this guide!

Where Does FedEx Do Passport Photos?

Passport photo services are available at FedEx Office locations throughout the United States.

To have your picture taken, use FedEx’s store finder tool to find a location near you that offers photo services.

Then, to use this tool, enter your zip code or town name and filter by “Copy and print services.”

How Does FedEx’s Passport Photo Service Work?

Once you’ve located a nearby FedEx Office location offering passport photo service, inform an employee that you’d like a passport photo taken.

Fortunately, no appointment is necessary, so you may have to wait a bit.

After waiting, a FedEx Office team member will then take your passport photo, let you view it on screen, and print your photos in minutes.

Next, you’ll leave with two government-compliant, 2” x 2” photos to submit with your passport application.

What Does FedEx Charge For A Passport Photo?

Two government-compliant 2” x 2” passport photos cost $14.95 at FedEx Office.

That said, this is the same price you’d pay to have passport photos taken at a post office. However, it is more expensive than comparable services at Walmart or Costco.

However, FedEx justifies its higher prices because of the other passport services it offers. For example, you can print passport applications and complete a passport renewal in-store.

What Do I Need To Get Passport Photos Taken At FedEx?

What Do I Need To Get Passport Photos Taken At FedEx?

There aren’t any strict requirements for getting a passport photo taken at FedEx.

With that, if you just need the photo (i.e., not a passport renewal), then cash, card, or another means of payment is all that’s required.

If you’re using FedEx’s passport renewal service, you must also bring an ID, the passport to be renewed, and the passport renewal form (DS-82).

How Long Does It Take To Get Passport Photos From FedEx?

Once your picture is taken, you’ll only have to wait a few minutes for a FedEx employee to print it.

Why Should I Use FedEx’s Passport Photo Service?

Given that FedEx’s passport photo printing service is more expensive than most other retailers, you may be wondering why you should choose FedEx.

That said, one is that FedEx offers more than just passport photos. Indeed, FedEx offers passport renewal services as well.

Further, a FedEx employee can photocopy your documents, print out a passport renewal form (DS-82), and ship your application to the Department of State for processing. 

In addition to regular renewals, FedEx also offers expedited passport renewal services, which come with the trusted overnight shipping service and tracking throughout the approval process.

Lastly, another reason to choose FedEx is that its locations typically stay open later than other stores and are open on weekends.

Does FedEx Offer Other Passport Services?

In addition to offering professional passport photos, FedEx offers various other passport services.

For example, FedEx can print out an existing photo from a USB or a cloud storage platform onto glossy paper for a couple of dollars.

Also, FedEx will make sure it’s the right size, with proper contrast, lighting, and saturation. Moreover, FedEx can help you with your passport-related copying and printing needs.

For example, FedEx can print out a passport application form (DS-11) or a passport renewal form (DS-82).

On top of that, FedEx can photocopy documents you may need for your application, like a social security card or birth certificate.

Finally, FedEx Office has a partnership with RushMyPassport to offer an expedited passport renewal service. 

While FedEx offers many passport services, it’s important to note that FedEx Office locations are not Passport Acceptance Facilities.

So, if you’re applying for your first passport or your expired passport is more than five years old, you need to complete your application at a Passport Acceptance Facility (e.g., a post office).

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FedEx offers professional passport printing services at hundreds of FedEx Office locations nationwide.

Also, no appointment is necessary, and photos are available within a matter of minutes.

Although it’s not the cheapest place to have passport pictures taken, FedEx offers a number of convenient printing, copying, and renewal services that justify the higher price.

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