Does FedEx Sell Money Orders? (All You Need To Know)

Money orders are certificates usually issued by a government or a bank. They allow the payee to receive cash on demand. Like checks, money orders enable the purchaser to stop payment as needed.

Given their widespread utility, people often look for places to buy and cash in money orders. With that in mind, this article looks at whether or not FedEx sells money orders. If you’re curious, be sure to read on!

Does FedEx Sell Money Orders In [currentyear]?

FedEx does not sell or cash money orders, nor does the company offer any other money services as of [currentyear]. Selling financial products, like money orders, requires a company to follow the regulations laid out by the government. Because FedEx is successful within the shipping industry, there’s no benefit to adding an unrelated service.

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Can I Buy Money Orders At FedEx?

FedEx does not sell or cash money orders (or offer other money services) at any of its locations. Therefore, you should look for an alternate place to purchase and cash money orders.

That said, FedEx can deliver money orders for you, which is a good option if your money order needs to arrive quickly (i.e., more quickly than through the postal service).

Why Doesn’t FedEx Sell Money Orders?

While FedEx hasn’t said why it doesn’t sell money orders, the logical explanation is that it doesn’t need or want to.

That said, selling financial instruments (such as money orders) comes with government-imposed rules and regulations that FedEx likely doesn’t want to get involved in.

By not offering any of these services, FedEx can avoid the headaches that come with them.

What’s more, it’s likely not worth the time, money, and energy required to set up money order services.

Plus, with established companies like USPS, Western Union, and MoneyGram, competition is tough, and it would likely be difficult for FedEx to break into the market.

Will FedEx Sell Money Orders In The Future?

Will FedEx Sell Money Orders In The Future?

Given all of the constraints and challenges described above, it’s unlikely that FedEx will offer money order services in the future.

Remember, FedEx is already a global leader in shipping and logistics.

With that, staying on top of such a competitive field is already challenging enough, so there’s no reason for FedEx to introduce a new product unrelated to shipping.

Can FedEx Ship Money Orders?

Yes, FedEx can ship money orders. Indeed, money orders and checks are the only kinds of money units that can be safely sent through the FedEx network.

Indeed, FedEx advises against shipping coins, cash, paper money, negotiable instruments equivalent to cash (e.g., endorsed stocks, bonds, cash letters), collectible coins, and stamps.

That said, if any of these items get lost in transit, FedEx will not be able to reimburse the money lost.

Typically, this isn’t a problem with money orders or checks. In these cases, the issuer can cancel the payment in the event of theft or loss.

However, if you’re shipping a money order with FedEx, it’s best to use the FedEx Envelope because it’s the smallest packaging FedEx offers and ships for as little as $10.80.

Also, another option is to include the money order in a FedEx package that you’re already sending out.

Who Else Sells Money Orders?

Since you won’t be able to buy or cash money orders at FedEx, you’re likely looking for an alternative place to do so.

Fortunately, banks, convenience stores, post offices, and grocery stores are reliable places to purchase money orders.

That said, to find a location near you, try searching “money orders near me” on your preferred search engine.

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Logistics giant FedEx has not, does not, and likely will not sell money orders.

Also, while the company hasn’t made a statement as to why not, it’s likely because running a successful shipping business is more than enough work by itself.

Moreover, while you can’t buy or cash money orders at FedEx, you can use the company’s speedy shipping service to make sure money orders arrive as quickly as possible.

Lastly, try searching “money orders near me” on a search engine to find a place to buy money orders.

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