Does Hobby Lobby Do Custom Framing? (Full Guide)

When you need to display precious or valuable items in your home without exposing them to damage, you need a frame that matches.

However, if you need to know where to get custom frames, you may be wondering whether Hobby Lobby has them. If so, keep reading this article to see what I learned!

Does Hobby Lobby Do Custom Framing In [currentyear]?

Hobby Lobby does custom framing at every physical location in [currentyear]. In fact, Hobby Lobby started out as a company that provided frames for customers in their homes over 40 years ago, and today, each store has a professional custom framing section. Hobby Lobby also provides free quotes and lets customers shop while they wait for custom frames to arrive.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about custom framing at Hobby Lobby, including the options available, wait times and more useful facts!

What Kind of Custom Frames Does Hobby Lobby Carry?

Hobby Lobby’s custom frames come in a wide variety of options. According to the company website’s section dedicated to custom frames, it carries several glass options, more than 350 moldings and 300 mat boards, the latter of which includes fabric, textured and colored mats.

A custom frame’s molding refers to the material from which the original frame is cut, and is usually made from plaster or milled wood.

A custom frame’s mat is the material that is added to create a border between the frame and the object inside it, separating it from the glass. The mat can also be placed behind the item so it pops more.

Aside from getting a custom frame, you can also pick from the store’s wide selection of custom mats to better personalize the result.

As for the glazing options, they have three major ones: Conservation Clear, Conservation Reflection Control and Museum Glass.

All three can block out 99 percent of ultraviolet rays to keep the item inside the frame safe from sunlight that could, among other things, bleach them and cause the colors to fade over time.

Conservation Clear is available in glass or acrylic, where the latter allows you to safely frame something in an environment where there’s a chance it could fall, if you have kids for example.

Museum Glass, on the other hand, has a dual layer of optical coating that significantly reduces reflections and is most suitable for items with fine detail that are displayed in bright areas.

With custom frame molding, mats and glazing, you can create the most ideal product for whatever you need to display.

How Long Does Hobby Lobby Custom Framing Take?

How Long Does Hobby Lobby Custom Framing Take?

Hobby Lobby’s website says that you can place an order for a frame at the store and shop while you wait.

However, according to a former employee at one of the stores, this often isn’t the case because the location might have many orders at a time and not enough people on hand to fulfill them.

In general, it can take anywhere between one week to a month or more to make a custom frame at Hobby Lobby. However, the project is finished early sometimes, and you’ll receive a call to pick up your frame from the store.

Overall, the length of time comes down to the complexity of the project.

How Much Do Custom Frames Cost at Hobby Lobby?

How much your custom framing job costs at Hobby Lobby varies depending on what you want, but estimates have placed it between $40 and $600 or more in total.

Cost is also affected by the materials you choose for the frame and overall complexity of the job.

On the company website, Hobby Lobby states that it provides free quotes so that you know the general cost for a custom framing job. The company also states that all custom frames are always 50% off the marked price.

Does Hobby Lobby Frame Jerseys?

According to a post on the company’s official Pinterest page, Hobby Lobby frames jerseys using inlaid mats, and the result is even reversible so that you can change it up when you feel like it.

Apart from jerseys, Hobby Lobby also mounts other sports memorabilia such as signed photographs, baseball cards, medals and more.

Does Hobby Lobby Frame Degrees?

Hobby Lobby frames degrees, which come in standard sizes, so it wouldn’t need too much work to find a frame that fits. You can design your own just by picking the different parts.

How Long Does It Take to Get Something Framed at Hobby Lobby?

As stated before, getting something framed at Hobby Lobby should only take a couple of minutes but it usually stretches out into several days or weeks due to limited personnel and a high volume of orders.

What Does a Custom Framer Do at Hobby Lobby?

Like all custom framers, a framer at Hobby Lobby is the person who does the actual framing for you.

This process entails more than just putting an item into the frame, though. They should know which materials to use to preserve the item from the elements, how to mount it without causing damage, the difference between the options available and more.

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Hobby Lobby does custom frames, and allows you to make your pick on frame molding, mat and glazing options. The glazing products at Hobby Lobby are all made to provide some level of protection from sunlight so the inside of the frame doesn’t get damaged.

As per the website, you can get custom framing done in a few minutes while you shop, but reports state that it could take upwards of one month in some cases.

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