Does Hobby Lobby Sell Curtains? (+ Other Common FAQs)

Aside from a large selection of arts and crafts supplies, Hobby Lobby also stocks some home decor items.

So, if you’re thinking of getting curtains from the retailer, you should read this article to find out what you need to know before getting started!

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Curtains In [currentyear]?

Hobby Lobby doesn’t sell curtains in [currentyear]. While the company does carry some items in the home decor segment, these are very small items. While Hobby Lobby doesn’t carry curtains, it does offer classes on making them for yourself. One of these classes is available online for free and uses supplies bought from the retailer.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about buying curtains at Hobby Lobby, including different types of window coverings, alternatives, and more!

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Curtain Rods?

Hobby Lobby does not sell curtain rods, as these are more suited to hardware stores. Rather, Hobby Lobby is an arts and crafts store with some small decor items here and there.

However, the company does sell some curtain finials that are intended for use with curtain rods.

Finials are the ornaments you fit onto the ends of curtain rods that are meant to keep them from slipping out of the bracket when you’re opening or closing the curtains, and also for decoration.

You can pick one up and fit it onto your existing curtain rods and see if that gives you the personal touch you were looking for without having to get a whole new rod.

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Curtain Valances?

Hobby Lobby does not carry curtain valances. Like curtains, these are very large home decor items that do not fit in with the company’s focus on arts and crafts.

If you want some curtain valances from Hobby Lobby, you can buy fabric and other supplies like a sewing kit to create your own valances.

To prove that this is possible, Hobby Lobby has published a guide to making your own curtain panels on its official YouTube channel.

While the company doesn’t have a guide for valances, you can apply the same principle behind this.

You can find a video from another channel on making them, source the items from Hobby Lobby, and do it yourself right from your home.

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Drapes?

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Drapes?

Hobby Lobby does not sell drapes, because, like curtains, these are very large home decor items that don’t fit into the store’s theme of arts and crafts.

The store does carry some small decor items, but they’re few compared to the rest of the products it has for sale.

As far as drapes, you can find some weights that keep them anchored so they don’t move too much in the wind or when you walk through them.

The closest thing to drapes that Hobby Lobby previously sold is some curtain panels that have since been discontinued.

The company has limited options as far as drapery and other window treatment options.

For example, if you search for “curtain” on the Hobby Lobby website, the most you’ll find is some string room dividers.

These are the kinds of semi-curtains that aren’t made from fabrics but from a collection of hanging strings that are intended to be draped over a door to separate one room from another.

Such dividers also come as beads instead of just strings, but the company doesn’t seem to stock any of those at the moment.

Instead of string, what the company does have is a collection of LED lights arranged in this way, and they’re being sold as LED curtain lights.

Hobby Lobby also sells a couple of tassels and tiebacks that you can use to hold your curtains open. Tiebacks are meant to be mounted onto the wall so you can tie the tassels to them.

This setup keeps the curtains more stable when the windows are opened, so they aren’t blown into the living area.

It also lets more light into the space by getting the curtain further from the window.

If you’re really looking for some drapes, and Hobby Lobby is the only option you have, you can buy the materials from this store and make your own at home.

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Shower Curtains?

Hobby Lobby does not sell shower curtains, but like the other items listed so far that Hobby Lobby doesn’t sell directly, you can pick up some supplies and make one yourself.

What Store Has a Good Selection Of Curtains?

Since you can’t get ready-made curtains from Hobby Lobby, here are a few store alternatives:

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Pottery Barn
  • Wayfair
  • Target
  • JCPenney
  • Bed Bath & Beyond

These stores sell large home decor items meaning that, apart from curtains, you can also get drapes, valances, shower curtains, and more.

Some of the retailers listed above, like Amazon, Walmart, and Target, will also stock curtain rods, but you can also get them from hardware stores such as the following:

  • Lowe’s
  • Kohls
  • Home Depot

To know more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Hobby Lobby sells fabric, if Hobby does custom framing, and where is Hobby Lobby.


Hobby Lobby does not sell curtains, curtain rods, drapes, shower curtains, or valances, because its primary focus is on arts and crafts supplies. The company also sells decor items, but they’re usually very small and generally low cost.

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