Does Home Depot Bend Pipe, Conduit, Flashing, Copper Pipe & More?

Home Depot is known for selling all kinds of essential hardware supplies for construction and renovation projects, such as various steel and copper pipes, plastic-based conduits, and much more.

However, since you will need to modify these to suit your requirements, you may wonder, does Home Depot bend pipes, conduits, rebars, flashing, and others? Here is what I’ve discovered about this!

Does Home Depot Bend Pipe

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not bend pipe, conduit, rebar, flashing, or copper pipes in-store. Despite this, customers can purchase the relevant tools to bend these supplies. Alternatively, Home Depot sells and rents bending equipment to bend various pipes.

If you want to learn more about alternative places that will bend pipes, conduits, and other supplies for you, the tools you can rent or purchase from Home Depot for this, and much more, keep on reading!

Does Home Depot Bend Pipes?

Home Depot does not officially offer pipe bending services, but some customers have reported receiving in-house assistance with bending pipes.

Before your visit, you can contact your local store to ask whether they can facilitate your wish.

If the Home Depot store in your surrounding areas cannot fulfill your request, you may consider purchasing equipment that can help you bend pipe.

The Pipe Viper by Rack-A-Tires is available in-store and online for $34.99. Note that this product should be heated to around 50 degrees Fahrenheit to bend the PVC pipe.

Other than that, Home Depot will gladly cut and thread pipe for free provided you purchased the materials from the store.

What Other Stores Bend Pipe?

Customers looking to bend pipe professionally may need to contact independent contractors such as B and E Enterprises Inc.

Consider using search sites such as Yelp or HomeAdvisor to find local businesses in your area with great customer reviews.

Does Home Depot Bend Conduits?

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not bend conduits in-store for customers.

According to Home Depot, the most efficient and cost-effective way to bend a regular-sized conduit is by using a manual tube bender, which is available for sale in-store and online.

Customers can find a wide variety of tube benders by brands such as Husky, RIDGID, Klein Tools, Wiss, and General Tools, with regular benders costing around $14-$30.

For heavier-duty jobs, you could use the RIDGID Pipe and Tubing Bender, which costs $200.22 but eases bending by 180 degrees and has grips that are cushioned for comfort.

Alternatively, you may prefer the Imperial triple header bender which allows three types of customizable bends for $46.72.

Other than that, you can also invest in specialized conduit bending tools by Klein Tools and Milwaukee for $49-$100.

Where Can You Bend Conduits?

Since conduit pipes are often used to protect electrical wires, you can contact a local electrician to see whether they have bending facilities.

These may include nationally recognized electrical contractors such as Quanta Services, MYR Group, Rosendin Electric, and MDY Construction Services Group Inc.

Does Home Depot Bend Rebar?

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not bend rebar in-store. However, you can purchase bent rebars from its stores and at

For example, the 5/8in x 1 ft is a grade 40 rebar with 40,000 PSI minimum yield strength.

This rebar is excellent for concrete as it possesses expansion and contraction support and can bend at a 1 ft x 4 ft angle.

Alternatively, you can give the job a go at home by purchasing a manual rebar bender and cutter from selected Home Depot stores.

You register your location online to check availability in the stores near you.

Note that the tool costs $387.15, but you can pay in 6 monthly installments of $65 with the Home Depot Consumer Card.

What Alternative Stores Bend Rebars?

White Cap is a rebar fabrication expert that operates across 13 states in North America, and the company specializes in bending and cutting rebar to fit your requirements.

You may contact the company for a price quote, depending on your required service and location.

Does Home Depot Bend Flashing?

Does Home Depot Bend Flashing?

Home Depot does not bend flashing in-store as it does not typically possess the equipment to bend metal on-site. Instead, Home Depot offers the tools you need to complete this.

The durable Metal Bender by Amerimax Home Products is a durable hand-held tool that allows users to manually bend metal sheets such as flashing.

The Aluminium Brake 10’ tool is available to rent if you need to bend the aluminum. Customers can expect to pay $42 for 4 hours, $60 per day, $240 per week, and $720 for 4 weeks.

In addition, a deposit of $150 is applied, which covers the risk of damage, loss, or failure to return, and is only payable by credit card.

Note that late charges may also apply should you return the tool after the initial time period.

Insert your zip code into the location finder in the top bar online to determine whether this tool is in stock at your local rental center.

What Other Stores Bend Flashing?

If you’d prefer to leave the bending of flashing materials to the professionals, you may benefit from contacting roofing specialists.

Riverside Sheet Metal, for example, is an excellent option for anyone in Massachusetts and a number of other states.

The company can bend flashing into a customizable shape of your choice, and customers can get quotes through their website.

Does Home Depot Bend Copper Pipes?

Home Depot cannot bend copper pipes. However, it does sell an extensive range of tube benders that can effectively manipulate the shape of copper pipes.

The Professional 90-Degree 4-in-1 Tube Bender by Klein Tools is suitable for bending copper, aluminum, and steel pipes. The product costs $29.96 and is available at store locations and online.

Where Can You Get Copper Pipes Bent?

Copper pipes are predominantly used for plumbing, and so you should consider reaching out to your local plumber to see whether they can bend your copper pipes.

If you are located in Washington, Triad offers custom copper bending and fabrication using various methods, including heating and cooling.

How Can Home Depot Help You Bend Pipe?

The retailer is committed to supporting each customer’s projects with online tutorials even out of the store.

If you’re unsure how to bend a pipe, you may benefit from the ‘How to Bend Tube and Pipe’ article online.

The manual explains how to bend various materials, the necessary tools, and a detailed step-by-step guide on how to do it.

If you want to find out other pipe-related services Home Depot is offering, make sure to check out if Home Depot cuts PVC pipe, if Home Depot threads pipe, and if Home Depot cuts metal sheets and rods.


Home Depot does not in-house bend pipe, conduit, rebar, flashing, or copper pipe. However, there are plenty of bending tools available for sale.

Customers looking to bend rebar can also rent specialist banding equipment. To receive professional bending, you may wish to contact your local contractor, electrician, or plumber.

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