Does Home Depot Cut PVC Pipe? (Try This Instead) 

Home Depot is a great place to gather all of your DIY supplies as the largest home improvement retailer in the US. Home Depot has everything from large appliances to tiny pieces of piping. 

But I wondered if Home Depot could help you out further with your home improvements. I wanted to know if Home Depot cut PVC pipe for you in-store. Here’s all the information I found out! 

Does Home Depot Cut PVC Pipe? 

Some Home Depot stores employ staff who can cut PVC pipes for their customers, while other stores have pipe-cutting tools in-store for customers to do it themselves. Home Depot also runs a tool rental service where pipe-cutting tools suitable for PVC pipes are available to hire. Prices vary depending on the tool type and rental period. 

Read on further to find out how you can cut your PVC pipe at a Home Depot store and which other hardware stores can cut PVC pipe for you! 

Can I Cut PVC Pipe Myself In Store At Home Depot? 

At some Home Depot stores, the plumbing department has pipe-cutting tools available for customers to use to cut their PVC pipe.

Alternatively, the saws available at the self-serve cutting station in Home Depot stores can be used to cut PVC pipe. 

In some stores, you may be able to request assistance from store employees for help however, this service varies per store.

Additionally, some stores offer a service whereby employees will cut PVC piping for you.

If you’re wondering about the services at your local store, it’s always best to call ahead and check it out beforehand. 

Can I Rent Tools From Home Depot To Cut PVC Pipe?

Can I Rent Tools From Home Depot To Cut PVC Pipe?

Home Depot offers a tool rental service for a range of tools, covering a variety of DIY projects.

Tools suitable for cutting PVC pipe are available among the tools on offer, meaning you don’t need to buy the required tools for your project. 

The Home Depot website also offers extensive information on several DIY projects, including instructions on cutting PVC piping. 

Which Other Stores Cut PVC Pipe? 

If your local Home Depot store does not offer pipe cutting services, you may be looking for an alternative store to cut your PVC pipe.

Below is a list of a few places that offer pipe-cutting services.

  • Ace Hardware: The hardware store will cut any metal or plastic PVC pipe bought in-store to your requirements. Check out your local store to ensure they have the pipe you need. 
  • Lowes: Their site claims to make home improvement projects easy by offering a PVC pipe-cutting service. Always call ahead to check the stock and cut the pipe you need. 
  • Local hardware stores: These independently-owned stores may offer PVC pipe cutting if the pipe is bought in-store. Independent hardware store employees tend to have home improvement skills, whereas big-box retail employees may not. 

What Kind Of PVC Pipes Does Home Depot Sell? 

Home Depot sells a vast range of PVC pipes. Their PVC pipe stock includes pipes that are UV resistant, corrosion-resistant, and pipes that are suitable for underground use.

Price points start at around $1 and go up to $49, depending on the size and the amount of PVC piping. 

Home Depot also has information on the different types of pipes and their uses, so if you’re unsure what type you’re in need of, you can find all the information you need on there. 

If you want to find out the other services Home Depot is offering, make sure to check if Home Depot cuts glass, if Home depot cuts tiles, and if  Home Depot cuts blinds.


It appears that some Home Depot stores offer in-store PVC pipe-cutting services where an employee will cut the pipe to your requirements.

Some Home Depot stores offer a self-service cutting station with tools available to make your own cuts.

Home Depot also offers tools suitable for PVC pipe cutting through their rental services and publishes handy how-to guides on their website. 

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