Does Home Depot Cut Glass? (To Size, Table Tops + More)

Home Depot is a go-to store for home improvement enthusiasts, offering several types of shatter-resistant glass sheets in various standard sizes.

However, if you’re starting a new project with glass, you may wonder if Home Depot will be able to cut glass for you. I’ve researched this, and here is what I’ve found out!

Does Home Depot Cut Glass?

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not cut glass for frames, mirrors, tabletops, or windows at any store or through an installation service. Instead, customers can purchase pre-cut glass in a range of sizes and thicknesses. Alternatively, Home Depot sells glass cutting kits for $13.98, and other tools.

If you want to learn more about why Home Depot does not cut glass, alternative places that can cut glass, and much more, keep on reading!

Does Home Depot Cut Glass To Size?

Home Depot does not cut glass to fit, but you can share your measurements with a store associate who can help you locate pre-cut glass sheets according to your measurements.

Some of these products include various pre-cut clear, non-glare, mirrored, and tempered glass sheets.

Alternatively, you can allow a professional from Ace Hardware to cut glass and acrylic sheets to size at its store locations.

Note that Ace Hardware can cut clear glass and plexiglass for windows, patio screens, and photo frames.

Does Home Depot Cut Glass For Window Panes?

Although Home Depot can replace and install new windows at your property, it does not cut the glass for you.

You can find a wide selection of pre-cut windows to the size listed in the product information at the store and online.

If you’re looking to cut window panes to size, you may wish to contact the Glass Doctor, who will gladly cut custom glass pieces to the intended space.

Does Home Depot Cut Glass For Tabletops?

Although Home Depot does not cut glass for tabletops, you can choose from a wide selection of pre-cut glass table tops in-store and online.

The store offers circular, oval, square, rectangular, and ‘doughnut’ shaped tabletops, with prices ranging from $35 to $371, depending on the product’s size.

Additionally, customers can also enlist Glass Doctor to cut tabletop glass to the appropriate size.

You may consider buying pre-cut glass from Home Depot and allowing the professionals at Glass Doctor to cut and customize it to your preference.

Does Home Depot Cut Glass To Fit?

Does Home Depot Cut Glass To Fit?

Home Depot does not cut glass in-store or through any of its services, including windows, shower screens, and mirrors.

Instead, customers can go to Lowe’s, where they facilitate glass cutting at most store locations.

However, you must have purchased the glass from Lowe’s to receive this service.

Does Home Depot Cut Glass For Picture Frames?

Home Depot does not cut glass for picture frames. However, customers can purchase pre-cut glass panes in various sizes to fit different photo frames.

This includes a 30X36 inch frame for $17.58, which you can also buy in a bundle with a home glass cutting kit and silicone sealant for $36.80.

If you’d rather leave it to the professionals, Michaels stores can cut acrylic and plexiglass to fit frames.

Although the price you pay depends on the size and thickness of the pane, the average prices look something like this:

  • 8X10 costs $7-$10
  • 11X14 costs $10.50-$15
  • 16X20 costs $14.50-$25
  • 18X24 costs $17.13-$30

Does Home Depot Sell Tools To Cut Glass?

Although Home Depot does not cut glass in-store, it does sell an extensive range of tools that allow customers to cut glass at home.

Popular brands, including Red Devil, Fletcher-Terry, and Husky make these tools. In particular, the Husky 5-inch glass cutter is one of the best-selling handheld tools.

It possesses a ball on end to snap scored glass and can cut 1 to ¼ thick plate glass. The tool’s price comes to $4.97 and holds a lifetime Home Depot warranty for which no receipt is needed.

Alternatively, the Fletcher-Terry handheld glass cutter is equipped with a tungsten carbide wheel, meaning it is more suited to heavier-duty jobs.

The product claims the wheel can last up to 10 times longer than a steel wheel. You will receive 12 handheld cutters in a glass cutter pack that comes to $179.88.

For additional support on using glass cutting tools, Home Depot offers free ‘How to Cut Glass’ guides online. These beginner tutorials are accessible via YouTube or

Why Doesn’t Home Depot Cut Glass?

Home Depot does not cut glass on-site as it can pose a threat to the health and safety of customers and associates.

Additionally, glass cutting requires high precision, which Home Depot cannot guarantee. Store policy restricts power saws to cut wood at the store’s cutting centers.

Which Stores Cut Glass For Customers?

If you still need glass cut to a specific size, other stores will still cut glass for you.

For example, Lowe’s will cut glass only when you purchase the glass from its stores and not if you bring your sheet of glass.

To learn more, you can also see our related guide posts on whether or not Home Depot cut mirrors, if Home Depot cut tiles, and if Home Depot cuts metal sheets, pipes and rods.


Home Depot will not cut windows, tabletop, picture frame, or mirrored glass for its customers at any store location or through an installation service.

Despite this, customers can purchase pre-cut glass, including window panes, tabletops, and picture frames, from its stores and online.

Along with that, Home Depot also sells glass cutting tools for under $5. Alternatively, professionals can cut glass at Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, or the Glass Doctor.

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