Does Home Depot Cut Mirrors? (Try this Instead)

Mirrors can be a fantastic way to make a room feel bigger or add some unique style to a craft project, along with a huge list of other uses.

However, mirrors can be rather delicate, meaning you may wish to leave the cutting to the professionals. So, does the leading home improvement store, Home Depot, cut mirrors? We’ve got the answer!

Does Home Depot Cut Mirrors?

Home Depot does not cut mirrors at any of its store locations. Instead, customers can purchase a handheld glass cutter from $4.97-$69.90, which can be used to cut mirrors at home. Alternatively, customers can visit Lowe’s, which provides a mirror-cutting service for free.

Read on if you’d like to find out which retailer cuts mirrors on-site and whether you can rent a glass cutter from Home Depot!

Does Home Depot Sell Mirror Cutting Tools?

Since mirrors are made out of glass, you will need a glass cutter to manipulate the shape of a mirror.

Fortunately, Home Depot sells a wide variety of glass cutters that allow you to cut mirrors at home.

If you’re a beginner, you may wish to purchase a handheld glass cutter equipped with a sharp steel wheel at the top.

Handheld cutters are available from brands such as Husky, Red Devil, and Fletcher Terry for prices ranging from $4.97-$69.90.

Alternatively, you may be interested in the glass cutting tool kit. Inside you will receive a marker to accurately outline your design, the cutter, and premium oil to ensure a precise cut.

Where Can I Go To Cut Mirrors Instead?

If you’re determined to find professional mirror cutting services, you may wish to go to Lowe’s.

Not only will a qualified glass cutter help you decide the most suitable type of mirrored glass you want, but they can cut mirrors of all sizes. That includes those for doors, cabinets, and windows.

The price you pay for glass cutting at Lowe’s may vary depending on the sheet’s size so that you may call your local Lowe’s store ahead of your visit for a quote.

Additionally, customers should also note that Lowe’s cannot cut mirrors into intricate decorative shapes.

Instead, you may need to visit a technician that specializes in mirror cutting.

Why Doesn’t Home Depot Cut Mirrors?

Why Doesn’t Home Depot Cut Mirrors?

Home Depot does not cut mirrors at their store locations as the demand for the service is not significant enough.

Also, while cutting mirrors is a relatively straightforward process, there are some health and safety concerns that Home Depot likely wants to avoid.

Because of this, Home Depot offers resources for sale and support after purchase for customers who wish to cut mirrors.

Can Home Depot Help Me Cut Mirrors?

Although Home Depot cannot cut mirrors on-site, they offer plenty of support to customers attempting the job at home.

Head over to and search ‘Project guide: How to Cut Glass.’ Here, you’ll receive a full tutorial, including a YouTube video on cutting mirrors.

The article provides a list of necessary tools and materials needed for the job, followed by a numbered step guide for beginners featuring descriptions and images of what you need to do.

Additionally, customers who purchased glass cutters from Home Depot may contact customer services for specialist advice on using the tool.

Does Home Depot Offer Other Services?

Home Depot may not cut your mirror, but that may cut other materials applicable to your project.

Many local stores will cut PVC, wood, wire, and plywood for free on the first 10-15 cuts. After this, you may need to pay a small fee.

If you’re keen to undertake the project alone, you may wish to rent one of Home Depot’s material-cutting tools.

Available rental periods come to four hours, one day (24 hours), one week, or four weeks.

Available tools for hire include:

  • Tile saws
  • Saws
  • Chain saws
  • Tilers
  • Circular saws

Can I Rent Mirror Cutting Equipment From Home Depot?

Unfortunately, you cannot rent glass cutters from Home Depot as glass cutters are relatively small and cheap to purchase in-store.

Find out more about the services that Home Depot offers and check if Home Depot cuts drywalls and sheet rocks, metal sheets and pipes, and plywood.


Home Depot does not offer on-site mirror cutting. Instead, you may head to Lowe’s, which cuts mirrors of all sizes.

Alternatively, you may wish to purchase a handheld glass cutter from Home Depot branded by Red Devil, Husky, and Fletcher Terry for $4.97-$69.90. Additionally, you cannot rent a glass cutter. However, you can rent saws and tile cutters.

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