Does Home Depot Cut/Trim Doors? (Try This Instead)

Home Depot has become the go-to store in the U.S. for customers working on renovation projects, owing to the variety of services it offers in-store to reshape and cut materials.

So if you need to get some doors trimmed to better fit your living area, you may wonder if Home Depot offers a service to cut/trim doors. Here is what I’ve found out about this!

Does Home Depot Cut/Trim Doors?

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not cut/trim doors. However, customers can have Home Depot install a custom-fit door or purchase circular saws starting at $99 and door trimmers for under $20 to cut/trim doors. Alternatively, customers can rent circular saws for $43 for 4 hours to trim doors.

If you want to learn more about what tools Home Depot sells to cut and trim doors, what other stores offer cutting/trimming services, and much more, keep on reading!

Does Home Depot Sell Tools To Cut Doors?

Home Depot offers a wide variety of circular tools that can cleanly cut and trim doors. These saws are made by well-known brands such as DeWalt, Milwaukee, RYOBI, and Makita.

The DeWalt 20V cordless circular saw is the cheapest tool on offer, costing $99.

The product is compatible with a Diablo 40 tooth saw blade, which can easily be cut through durable materials such as plywood and hardwood doors.

If you need a more advanced tool, you should consider the DeWalt Flexvolt Max kit equipped with a worm drive style circular saw, a rechargeable battery, and a tool bag for $399.

Note that blades are often sold separately from power tools, and customers should aim to purchase a cutter with at least 18 points when planning to cut a door to size.

Home Depot stocks blades by Diablo, Avanti Pro, and RIDGID, with singular blades typically costing $14-$20 and prices going up for multipacks.

Does Home Depot Rent Tools To Cut And Trim Doors?

Does Home Depot Rent Tools To Cut And Trim Doors?

Home Depot offers two types of circular saws to cut doors for rental.

You can place a rental order online by inserting your zip code, selecting your closest rental center, or heading to your local store that operates a first-come, first-served system.

Upon collection, ensure you bring a valid photo ID, such as a passport or driver’s license.

The cordless cut-off saw is compatible with a 5-inch blade, allowing you to cut through 14 inches of materials, but you may need to provide your blade to use this tool.

To rent this, customers will have to pay a $125 deposit payable by credit card along with the following:

  • $43 for 4 hours
  • $62 per day
  • $248 per week
  • $744 for 4 weeks

On the other hand, Home Depot also offers another cordless saw equipped with a 9-inch blade. Customers only need to pay a $50 deposit along with rental fees of:

  • $49 for 4 hours
  • $70 per day
  • $280 per week
  • $840 for 4 weeks

Note that Home Depot does not offer a door trimming tools for rent.

What Other Stores Will Cut/Trim Doors For You?

Lowe’s can cut and trim doors for size, provided you order the door through its installation service.

The retailer hires professional carpenters who will take hinges and keyholes into consideration.

Alternatively, you can contact a local contractor for a quote on cutting and trimming a door.

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Home Depot does not cut and trim doors on-site but if you purchase a door through its installation service, you can request exact measurements.

Alternatively, you can rent one of two circular saws for $43-$744 or $49-$80 for 4 hours to 4 weeks or purchase a door trimmer and saw outright in-store or online.

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