Does Home Depot Make Window Screens? (All You Need To Know)

Besides the popular Do-It-Yourself approach, Home Depot also offers professional services for home repair, home improvements, and appliance installation.

Since you can find a fix or a solution for almost anything home repair-related, one question we might ask is, does Home Depot make window screens? Here is what I discovered!

Does Home Depot Make Window Screens?

Yes, Home Depot does make custom window screens which typically cost between $50 – $250 per screen and can take several weeks to make and install. Additionally, Home Depot also sells pre-made window screen and window screen repair kits, which start from $12 and include the mesh, a roller, and a spline.

To learn more about the window screen services and options from Home Depot, keep on reading!

Does Home Depot Make Made To Order Window Screens?

Home Depot will make your window screens as a special order, though it may take several weeks to receive them and the prices for this option are considerably higher than pre-framed screens or DIY kits.

If you are needing to replace entire windows, Home Depot At Home Services will take care of the entire job, coming to your home to measure and then doing all the labor of removal and installation when the replacement windows are made.

How Much Do Window Screens Cost At Home Depot?

Since there are so many variables involved, here are some of the price ranges you can expect to pay for DIY, off-the-shelf, and custom-made screens from Home Depot.

Simple DIY repairs and kits will cost anywhere from $12 to $40, while pre-framed window screens may run from $25 to over $150. Made-to-order window screens, can cost $50 to $250 or more, depending on the window size opening.

Does Home Depot Sell DIY Window Screen Kits?

Does Home Depot Sell DIY Window Screen Kits?

If you are wanting to avoid paying for a brand-new window screen. Home Depot does sell tools that will allow you to repair your existing window screen mesh or frame.

Additionally, Home Depot also sells fiberglass and aluminum screen mesh, which start from $12 a roll and includes a spline and a roller for installation.

Homes Depot’s Pre-Framed Window Screens

The simplest method for replacing a damaged window screen is to remove the screen and take it with you to Home Depot and purchase a pre-framed replacement. 

If you can’t bring the screen with you or if it is missing altogether, you can take measurements of the screen mounting area of your window to determine what size replacement you will need. Additionally, you can also take pictures of the frame for reference when you are in Home Depot. 

Once you are in Home Depot, you will notice there are many variables in addition to the exact size, which includes double-hung, single-hung, casement, or louvered. 

If you are unsure what exact type of frame you need, Home Depot employees will be more than happy to give you any guidance or advice!

Where Else Can You Get Window Screens?

You can find replacement screens or kits at most of the home improvement or hardware stores, such as Lowes, Sutherlands, or Ace Hardware. 

Window makers such as Pella and American Windows sell or make replacement screens for their own windows. Another option is to search local business listings on Angie’s List or Facebook Marketplace for handyman home repair companies.

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Yes, Home Depot makes window screens. Options include pre-framed ready-to-install window screens, Do-It-Yourself window screen kits, and made-to-order window screens.

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