Does Home Depot Fill & Exchange Propane Tanks? (Your Full Guide)

If you regularly use propane to light your fireplace and grills, you may occasionally find yourself needing to refill or exchange empty propane tanks.

Since Home Depot is a popular hardware retailer, you may wonder if Home Depot can help fill or exchange your propane tank. I’ve done the research, and here is what I’ve discovered!

Does Home Depot Fill & Exchange Propane Tanks?

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not fill propane tanks, but it does exchange them at selected ‘Home Depot Propane Centers’. A new propane tank typically costs around $20.97 with an exchange and around $50.97 without one. Other stores that refill propane tanks include Costco and Ace Hardware.

If you want to learn more about whether Home Depot recycles old propane tanks, what alternatives Home Depot offers, and where you can get your propane tanks filled, keep on reading!

Can I Return An Empty Propane Tank To Home Depot?

When your propane tank has depleted, you can bring it to one of the listed Propane Centers that operate Home Depot’s Propane Exchange Program.

At these centers, you will be able to exchange your empty tank with a new one for a reduced cost as compared to buying a new one by following these instructions:

  • Bring your propane tank but leave it outside the store before entering (never bring propane into a store)
  • Find a cashier and tell them you’d like to purchase an exchange for your propane tank
  • The cashier should then supply you with a 6-digit code at the bottom of your receipt
  • Take your receipt to the kiosk outside Home Depot next to vending cages containing propane tanks
  • Follow the instructions on the kiosk and enter your 6-digit code to open the cage for your new propane tank
  • Take the new tank out of the cage, replace it with your old propane tank, and close the cage door

Note that this process is similar to buying a spare propane tank rather than exchanging one.

So if you are purchasing another propane tank, instead of replacing the new propane tank in the cage at the end, simply close the cage door and leave the cage empty.

How Much Does Home Depot Charge For Exchanging Propane Tanks?

How Much Does Home Depot Charge For Filling & Exchanging Propane Tanks?

While you cannot refill your propane tank at Home Depot, the store offers a cheaper alternative to simply buying more propane tanks.

If you intend to exchange your empty propane tank for a full one, it’s nearly half as much as the usual price of a propane tank.

For example, an Amerigas propane tank purchase with no exchange will cost $50.97, whereas exchanged propane tanks will cost half the original price at $20.97 (prices may vary depending on the price of propane).

Keep in mind that Home Depot places an exchange limit of two tanks per order.

What Alternatives To Propane Exchange Does Home Depot Offer?

Along with propane purchases and exchanges, Home Depot also offers several empty propane tanks in various sizes with accessories such as an LP gas tank level gauge.

These propane tanks can be purchased and taken to officially licensed propane filling centers across the country to be filled with propane and used.

Note that the sizes offered by Home Depot range from 20 lbs to 100 lbs.

What Other Stores Fill Propane Tanks?

If you prefer to get your tank refilled instead of exchanging it for a new one at Home Depot, you can visit any of the following stores that offer refilling services for propane tanks:

To find a store near you, simply use the website’s respective store locator.

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Home Depot will not refill propane tanks; however, it does offer a propane tank exchange service allowing you to provide an empty tank in exchange for a full one at over half the original cost.

The program is operated using Amerigas propane. Note that Home Depot prohibits customers from bringing a propane tank, empty or full, into the store. You can also find refill centers at Ace Hardware or Costco.

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