Does Home Depot Give Free Paint Samples? (Full Guide) 

From power tools to bathroom sinks, cupboard handles to insulation, Home Depot is the place to go for your home renovation or upgrading needs. And with prices that cannot be beaten, customers flock to Home Depot daily. 

And with an extensive paint department offering a variety of colors, finishes, and popular brands, you might be wondering about how to choose the correct paint for a project.

So, does Home Depot give free paint samples? I did some research into the topic, and here is everything that I could find out. 

Does Home Depot Give Free Paint Samples? 

Home Depot does offer some free paint sample options, like swatches. However, customers will have to pay a nominal fee to take home a small container of paint to test on a wall, including major paint brands. Alternatively, Home Depot offers digital paint sampling through a smartphone app or 

Keep on reading for more information on Home Depot’s paint sample availability, brands, prices, and more!  

Can You Sample Paint At Home Depot? 

Yes, customers can sample paint colors and finishes at Home Depot’s paint department.

There are a variety of brands and types of paint available, so sampling your proposed color is an important step.

Customers can get free sample swatches or affordable sample paint sizes to take home.

Additionally, uou can also get sample paint colors in small cans from, for a small fee. These come in 8-ounce quantities for sampling. 

What Kinds of Paint Samples Can You Get At Home Depot? 

Customers can take advantage of Home Depot’s paint color sampling, whether in-store or online.

For example, Home Depot paint associates can help you select paint swatches for your house or order various paint samples online for a small fee.  

For a small fee, you can purchase a small, 8-ounce can that is perfect for testing on a wall or peel-and-stick paint sample kits that have a non-damaging adhesive for your convenience. 

If you don’t require a physical paint sample, Home Depot also has some technological alternatives to discovering your next wall color.

Customers can visit to browse a wide variety of colors and sub-hues.

Alternatively, with Home Depot’s new Project Color application for iOS and Android smartphones, you can match your space with colors directly from your phone by using the camera. 

How Do You Get Sample Paint At Home Depot?

How Do You Get Sample Paint At Home Depot

Getting a sample from Home Depot is simple—if you are in-store, drop by the paint department and browse through the free paint swatches available.

You can also order 8-ounce paint can sample from the paint department. 

From the comfort of their home, customers can also visit and choose from a wide variety of paint types, colors, and brands available in 8-ounce sample sizes.

These come at a nominal fee, but home delivery or in-store pickup is an excellent option for busy customers. 

How Much Do Paint Samples Cost At Home Depot? 

All paint sample swatches at Home Depot are accessible to customers.

However, if you want one of Home Depot’s sample-size paint cans, the price starts at just over $3 for most major brands.

Plus, these sample cans come with free ship-to-store pickup or free and fast delivery straight to your door! 

If you want a more temporary paint sample, try Home Depot’s adhesive paint swatches. These peel-and-stick swatch kits start at around $2 and are also available for free online delivery. 

What Paints Does Home Depot Offer For Samples? 

Home Depot carries a large array of paint colors, types, and brands.

While most are available in-store as free sample swatches, some brands, including Behr and Glidden, are not offered in swatches.

These brands are only able to be sampled in 8-ounce cans available for purchase online, using’s color match portal, or in stick-and-peel sample kits. 

Other popular brands available in free sample swatches include: 

  • Diamond Brite Paint. 
  • Harris Titanium. 
  • PPG. 

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Yes, Home Depot offers customers some free paint sample options, including in-store paint sample swatches and the Home Depot color match smartphone application.

However, for other types of paint samples, customers can expect to pay just over $3 for 8-ounce sample paint cans, or purchase peel and stick paint sample kits from for a nominal fee.  

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