Does Home Depot Mix Paint? (Price, Types Of Paint, Colors + More) 

Paint is an essential component of every home renovation project, and popular retailers like Home Depot sell a variety of interior and exterior paints for customers.

However, if you need a specific shade of paint that is not readily available, you may be wondering if Home Depot can mix paint. I’ve done the research, and here is everything I’ve found out about it!

Does Home Depot Mix Paint?

Home Depot offers paint mixing services in-store, allowing customers to mix matte, gloss, satin, and other types of paint. Home Depot also color-match any shade customers present them with and mixes paint accordingly. Customers cannot buy custom-mixed paint online or return mixed paint.

If you want to learn more about the cost of using the paint mixing service at Home Depot, the types of paint Home Depot will mix, and much more, keep on reading!

How Much Does Paint Mixing Cost At Home Depot?

If you decide to buy an untinted tin of paint off the shelf at Home Depot for customization, the price of mixing the paint to your desired color will be included in the price.

While Home Depot does provide a free paint mixing service for in-store products, it seems that some stores will mix paint purchased elsewhere.

However, this will come at a cost, so it is best to call your local Home Depot before visiting.

What Types Of Paint Does Home Depot Mix? 

Home Depot has a huge catalog of paint finishes on offer in its paint selection. These include: 

  • Semi-Gloss: shiny and reflective paints that can be used to paint cabinets and shelves. They are durable and can stand daily washing.
  • Flat/Matte: have the least amount of shine of all paints. While they are the least durable of paints, they require the least number of coats for full coverage. These paints are used in rooms with minimal usage or on ceilings.
  • Satin: the most commonly used interior paint, satin paints have a velvety sheen and can be used in any room. Note that the sheen makes brush strokes more visible.
  • Eggshell: these paints have a delicate sheen and are slightly shinier than matte paints. They are more durable than matte but still best for rooms not constantly in use.
  • High-Gloss: usually used to paint doors and trims, high-gloss paints are extremely durable. These paints are the shiniest of all paints.
  • Low Lustre: these paints have more shine than matte paints and are durable. They can be used for surfaces that require slightly more gloss.
  • Gloss: highly reflective and highly durable. Gloss paints are best used in kitchens and bathrooms as they are stain-resistant and washable.

Keep in mind that these paints all appear available with Home Depot’s paint mixing service.

Other than that, always remember to check in with your local Home Depot store to be sure that they can mix the type of paint you need. 

What Colors Can Home Depot Mix? 

With its extensive sample range and ability to color match a provided sample image, Home Depot can mix paints into any color of your choice.

Home Depot also has a color match app called The Home Depot ProjectColor app which allows its users to test out paint colors virtually in their rooms.

Additionally, the app allows you to link to Pinterest boards and color match with images you have saved.

Once you have selected your desired color, you can take this choice into the store to be matched. 

How Does Paint Mixing Work At Home Depot? 

How Does Paint Mixing Work At Home Depot

Paint mixing at Home Depot is a straightforward process and involves telling the Home Depot employee at the paint mixing station the color and finish you have chosen.

Once you have specified the color, the employee will then use the unique paint code to set the machine to work.

The paint mixing machine works by using the color code to set how much of each color will be added to the plain base. After that, it controls the flow of paint, making sure the correct amount is added.

Finally, the lid is sealed, and the paint is mixed thoroughly before a Home depot employee checks the color to make sure it is correct. 

Can I Buy Custom Mixed Paint Online At 

The Home Depot site has an impressive collection of paint colors on offer, and each can be customized by finish, size, and style.

However, you cannot buy a custom color online and instead will have to go into the store if you would like a specific color matched by Home Depot. 

Will Home Depot Mix Old Paint? 

You can take old paint into Home Depot stores to have it mixed back up using their paint mixing machine.

This saves you from buying any paint-mixing tools and means you can continue using your paint once it has been stirred back up.

Along with getting old paint mixed, customers can also have their paint tinted.

This means that if you want a slightly darker shade or want to tweak the original color, the Home Depot staff member can add a small amount of paint to your old tin to spruce up the color slightly. 

Can I Return Custom Mixed Paint To Home Depot? 

You cannot return custom-mixed paint to Home Depot because the paint has been mixed to a specific color, making it a custom order.

Custom paint colors cannot be resold at full price, which means that Home Depot will lose money.

Additionally, paint is also classed as a hazardous waste product, and so the stores must take extra and more expensive precautions to dispose of it. 

To make sure you get the right color (so there is no need to return it), test your color out on your walls before purchasing a full tub. You can use Home Depot’s extensive sample range to do this. 

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Conclusion: Does Home Depot Mix Paint?

Home Depot does offer a paint mixing service that customers can use to mix an impressive range of colors and color match with custom shades.

You will need to know which color and finish you would like to have before using Home Depot’s paint mixing service. Note that you cannot get custom paints mixed online through

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