Does Home Depot Have A Military & Veteran Discount? (Full Guide) 

Military and veteran personnel are offered various discounts at retail stores all over the U.S. as a token of appreciation for their service to the country.

Since Home Depot is one of the most popular hardware and home improvement stores in the U.S., you may wonder if it has any military or veteran discounts. Here is what I’ve found out about this!

Does Home Depot Have A Military & Veteran Discount? 

Home Depot offers a 10% discount in-store for in-service personnel, retired veterans, and veterans with service-connected disabilities. Customers need to show their military ID at checkout to get this discount. This discount is offered every day, all year round, but is not available online at

If you want to learn more about the products eligible for military and veteran discounts, whether Home Depot offers this discount on its online products, and much more, keep on reading!

What Discount Does Home Depot Offer For Military And Veterans? 

Home Depot offers a 10% military & veteran discount in stores so shoppers can save more on their purchases.

Note that Home Depot offers this discount every day of the week rather than just on holidays.

Additionally, the military & veteran discount can be used at Home Depot for purchases with a maximum discount of  $500. 

How Do I Get the Home Depot Military Discount? 

To receive the Home Depot military & veteran discount, you must show a valid military ID at the checkout to receive 10% off.

This is valid in all U.S. Home Depot stores for active-duty personnel, reservists, veterans who are retired, disabled veterans, and their immediate family members. 

Does Home Depot Offer Military & Veteran Discount On National Holidays? 

Home Depot offers military & veteran discounts all year round in order to help those serving or who have served the country save money on their purchases. 

However, exclusive offers may be available during national holidays such as July 4th, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day at Home Depot, so it is worthwhile to check and stay up to date. 

What Can I Use Military & Veteran Discounts On At Home Depot? 

What Can I Use Military & Veteran Discount On At Home Depot? 

Military & veteran discount at Home Depot is valid on most of the in-store products.

However, there are some exceptions to this. For instance, the veteran discount does not include appliance installation and gift cards.

Additionally, appliances on a special sale at Home Depot are excluded from this discount.

Does Home Depot Offer Military Discount Online? 

Unfortunately, Home Depot cannot offer military & veteran discounts on its online products and only offers them for products bought in-store.

However, some online shoppers have reported that they have been able to receive military & veteran discounts from Home Depot by ordering items online for store pick-up and paying once they arrive.  

Alternatively, you could order your online Home Depot items into stores to collect and ask for a price adjustment to apply your military & veterans discount, but this may be at the discretion of each store.

Note that Home Depot offers many discount codes to help customers save money while shopping online. 

Other Ways Veterans & Service Members Can Save

While Home Depot offers military & veteran discounts in stores, it also has a range of other discounts available for everyone. 

Signing up to its website can give you exclusive deals and offers that you can use at Home Depot. 

Also, Home Depot has a membership to its Garden Club available for exclusive deals and offers and offers a $5 off coupon for purchases over $50 for signing up to its email notifications. 

When browsing for products on, the company also features its special buys of the day to help you save money on your home improvement essentials.

These deals can also be found in local advertisements and online to help you save at Home Depot.

Other than that, there are also rebate centers with overstock available for purchase at Home Depot, which means that you can find even more discounts to help save money. 

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Home Depot offers a military & veteran discount of 10% all year round in its stores on various products to help customers save.

To access this discount, military & veteran personnel must show a valid form of ID at checkout.

Unfortunately, Home Depot cannot currently offer military & veteran discounts online, but it does have a range of other deals available.

Home Depot also offers its own saving schemes to help you save money, such as signing up for emails to receive coupons and other exclusive offers. 

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