Does Home Depot Take Old Paint For Recycling? (Try This Instead)

After doing a lot of interior or exterior decorating, you may wonder what to do with all the leftover paint you’ve accumulated. Save it, dispose of it, or take it to a home improvement store like Home Depot?

No need to worry; I’ve been looking into whether Home Depot takes old paint, and here’s what I’ve found.

Does Home Depot Take Old Paint For Recycling?

Home Depot does not take in old paint for recycling. However, if the paint was purchased within 30 days, customers can return the paint for a full refund. Additionally, customers can dispose of old paint at local waste plants or resell the paint on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

So if they don’t take old paint, who will? Read on to find out more, including how to dispose of your old paint!

Where Can I Dispose Of Old Paint Instead?

While you cannot dispose of old paint in Home Depot or Lowes, Sherwin Williams will accept used paint for disposal as long as it isn’t oil-based paint or spray paint cans, as these are considered hazardous materials.

Alternatively, if you have enough paint left over that you wish to recycle, you can always ask people in your local community if they require any paint. For example, a nearby school might need some paint to spruce up its furniture.

In addition, you can always donate your paint to Habitat for Humanity as long as it has not dried and is still in its original container.

You can also inquire into the Freecycle network to see if your paint is of any use to users who frequent the website.

Can You Bring Empty Paint Cans To Home Depot?

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not take in empty paint cans for recycling or disposal. Instead, the next best alternative is to simply dispose of the empty paint can in your normal garbage bin.

It is also recommended that the paint can is empty with no residual paint left in it.

Does Home Depot Take Old Paint?

If you are unsatisfied with a paint you have received from Home Depot (whether interior, exterior, water-based, oil-based, etc.), you will be able to return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

However, if you have an old unused can of paint lying around, then Home Depot will not be able to take this back.

If this is the case, old paint may be disposed of at hazardous waste facilities in your local area or even resold on websites such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

In many cases, budget-savvy renovators will be on the lookout for these discounted cans of paint, so you might be surprised by what you can get!

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Home Depot does not take old paint for disposal. However, they can fulfill a return on paint as long as you return it within 30 days. The paint may be color corrected, or you can receive a comparable paint in exchange.

If your paint is older, Home Depot offers multiple guides on how to dispose of or reuse your old paint, and there are many places where you can donate your leftover paint for good causes and help communities across the country.

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