Does Home Depot Price Match Walmart? (Full Guide) 

Home Depot is among the leading providers of essential DIY equipment for homes and businesses in the U.S., including crucial supplies, tools, and homeware for improvement.

If you come across an item at Home Depot that is sold for a lower price than its competitor, Walmart, you may be wondering – does Home Depot price match Walmart? Here is what I’ve found out about this!

Does Home Depot Price Match Walmart?

Home Depot will price match Walmart in-store and online prices for identical items only. Provide proof at checkout through a printed or digital ad for in-store requests, or contact Home Depot for online price match requests. Note that certain on-sale and discounted items are excluded.

If you want to learn more about the exceptions in Home Depot’s price match policy, whether it still offers an additional 10% discount with price matches, and much more, keep on reading!

What is the Home Depot Price Match Policy? 

Home Depot offers a Lower Price Guarantee to help shoppers save money on all its items.

This means that if Walmart offers a lower price than Home Depot for an item, the retailer can match the Walmart price to save you money. 

However, note that the item must be identical and in stock at both Home Depot and Walmart for the price match to be approved.

Additionally, associates at Home Depot may contact Walmart for proof of the lower price before proceeding with your price match. 

Are There Price Match Exceptions At Home Depot?

While the Home Depot price match can help customers save money, you should be aware of some exclusions to the price match policy.

For instance, items that are already reduced in price, on clearance, or sold as wholesale, as well as all professional services, are excluded from the price match policy.

Home Depot is also unable to offer price matches Walmart rollbacks, Cyber Monday/Black Friday deals, and for errors or similar issues with competitor’s ads.

This means that if Walmart mistakenly prints an advertisement offering a $100 item for $10, Home Depot would be unable to offer a price match. 

To learn more about exclusions in the Home Depot price match policy, you can contact your local Home Depot to ask or check on their website to ensure your item is valid. 

How Do I Get Home Depot To Price Match Walmart?

How Do I Get Home Depot to Price Match

To receive a Home Depot price match in-store, provide evidence of the lower price at Walmart through an ad, printout, or similar proof of Walmart’s better prices. 

If you want to initiate a price match online, find the product on the Home Depot website and begin a live chat with an associate who will be able to assist you.

Alternatively, you can also call Home Depot at 1-800-430-3376 to begin your online price match. 

Does Home Depot Still Offer Price Match Plus 10?

In some situations, Home Depot can offer an additional 10% off as part of its Lower Price Guarantee policy, which can help you save money when the price matches with competitor stores such as Walmart.

However, note that Home Depot is only able to offer an additional 10% off for price matches done in-store. 

For products sold online, Home Depot will only be able to price match Walmart’s better price and will not be able to offer the additional discount. 

Does Home Depot Have Price Adjust Walmart After a Sale? 

Home Depot also offers price adjustment, so if, for example, you purchase a device from Home Depot and later find it being sold for cheaper at Walmart, you can receive a partial refund.

To receive the price adjustment, you should bring your item back to Home Depot with the receipt and proof of a lower price at Walmart, and you will be entitled to a refund for the difference. 

Note that the price adjustment at Home Depot must be requested by the customer who initially purchased the item from Home Depot.  

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Home Depot offers a price match policy with Walmart as well as a price adjustment policy.

So if you wish to purchase an item from Home Depot (or have already bought one) that is cheaper at Walmart, provide proof and Home Depot will be able to match the price (or offer you a partial refund) to help you save money. 

Note that price matches can be done both in-store and online at Home Depot to help you save money.  

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