Does Target Price Match Walmart? (Full Guide)

Target has established itself as one of the leading retail chains in the U.S., offering a huge variety of products at reasonably low prices, along with a flexible price matching policy to retain its loyal customers.

Since Walmart is a major competitor of Target and sells products at similar prices, you may be wondering if Target will price match Walmart for items Walmart sells at lower prices? Here is what I’ve found out through my research!

Does Target Price Match Walmart?

Target will price match identical items sold at Walmart both online and in-store. Customers can make the request to a Target store or by contacting Guest Services within 14 days of purchase and submitting valid proof. Target will not price match discount deals or rollbacks from Walmart.

If you want to learn more about the process of making a price match request, what Target will accept as valid proof, and what items are excluded from Target’s price match policy, keep on reading!

What Is The Price Match Policy At Target?

Target has a Price Match Guarantee policy in which it will match the price of an item bought at Target if you find the exact same item for a lower price at, selected online competitors, and large retail stores, including Walmart.

If you locate the identical item (which must have the same brand name, size, weight, color, quantity, and model number) within 14 days of purchase, Target will adjust your payment to the lower price at your request.

How Do I Request A Price Match At Target?

If you buy an item at Target and then find the exact same item for a lower price at Walmart within 14 days of purchasing it, you can visit any Target store, and provide a staff member at any lane with proof of pricing.

For items bought online, you should visit and contact Guest Services on 1-800-591-3869 to request a price match, providing the link to Walmart’s advertisement or product listing.

Note that Target will independently verify the lower price so you must remember to bring valid proof to submit your price match request.

For further guidelines and limitations, visit Target’s price match help page.

How Do I Show Proof Of A Lower Price From Walmart?

For online prices, simply use your mobile phone to show the price of an item from Walmart’s website to a member of staff at Target. The team member will then verify the price using a special device.

For printed ads, you can show the physical print to a Target team member, or the digital version of the advert.

Please note that the advertisement must be in its original condition, i.e. no photos, photocopies, or screenshots will be accepted as proof.

What Conditions Apply For Target To Price Match Walmart?

The official Target website specifies that items must be identical in brand name, size, weight, and quantity to qualify for a price match.

Additionally, the items must also be sold in the same unit of measure (per pound vs per item).

Therefore, if you’re shopping at Walmart and think you have found an item which you paid more for in a previous visit to Target, be sure to check that the item is in the exact same condition before requesting a price match at Target.

Does Target Price Match Walmart Discount Deals?

Unfortunately, Target will not price match any kind of discount deals, rollbacks or other promotional offers at Walmart.

See below for the full list of exclusions in Target’s price match policy.

What Exclusions Apply For Target To Price Match Walmart?

As with most store policies, some exclusions apply when it comes to price matching. Target will not issue a price match if items fall into any of the following categories:

  • Clearance items, damaged, used, open package, pre-owned
  • Coupon offers, promotional offers, loyalty cards, gift cards offers, credit card offers
  • Incorrect pricing due to typing errors
  • Price matching can not be used in conjunction with other types of offers
  • Items priced by third-party sellers such as in marketplaces
  • Alcohol price matching will be subject to state regulations

For a more detailed list, visit the Target Price Match Guarantee help page and see exclusions.

While Target offers its price match policy all year long, Thanksgiving Day through to the following week is excluded from the policy due to the high number of sales events and holiday deals at most stores.

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As part of its Price Match Guarantee policy, Target will price match items sold at Walmart as long as you come back within 14 days of purchase.

You will have to present valid proof either by showing the link to the product listing on Walmart’s website or in the form of the original advertisement for the product by Walmart (no copies accepted).

Note that Target will not price match discount deals, promotional offers, and items sold by third-party sellers.

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