Does Home Depot Sell Craftsman Tools? (Try This Instead)

Home Depot sells a huge number of brands and an extensive range of tools for almost any project imaginable.

However, does Home Depot sell Craftsman brand tools too? I’ve been doing some digging, and here’s what I’ve discovered!

Does Home Depot Sell Craftsman Tools?

Home Depot does not sell Craftsman Tools at any store locations or online. Instead, customers can find Craftsman tools at Sears, Ace Hardware stores, and Atwoods. Additionally, Home Depot sells a wide range of similar quality and price tools to Craftsman tools. 

To learn more about why Home Depot does not sell Craftsman tools, how they compare to the Home Depot lineup of tools, and where to buy them, keep on reading!

Why Doesn’t Home Depot Sell Craftsman Tools?

Craftsman tools was a trademark registered by Sears back in 1927, and until 2017 they were sold exclusively through Sears department stores and nowhere else.

However, in 2017, Stanley Black & Decker acquired the brand, while Sears retained the right to manufacture and sell tools under the brand name.

As a result, Home Depot has not intended to acquire the brand or proceed to form a partnership with Sears or Stanley Black & Decker to sell the tools on its shelves.

Which Stores Sell Craftsman Tools?

Currently, Craftsman tools are also sold in Ace Hardware stores, Atwoods, Blain’s Farm & Fleet, and sold by Amazon.

Craftsman tools also have a store locator on their website to help you find a store near you, but you can also purchase directly from them on their website as well.

Originally, Craftsman tools were only sold in Sears department stores as they were primarily manufactured and developed by Sears.

However, since the brand has gained much traction over the years, Craftsman tools can now be found in other stores across the nation.

What Brand Tools Does Home Depot Sell?

What Brand Tools Does Home Depot Sell?

Home Depot sells a large selection of tool brands, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Husky
  • Ridgid
  • DeWalt
  • Milwaukee
  • Ryobi
  • Makita
  • Stanley
  • Porter Cable
  • Bosch
  • Delta
  • Hilti

These tools range from power tools to hand tools, vacuums, and air compressors.

Home Depot also rents out different tools for larger jobs, which may not be on this list.

Are Craftsman Tools Better Than Husky Tools?

As Husky tools are exclusively sold at Home Depot stores, you may wonder whether they’re a better product than Craftsman tools.

While both are useful in their own right, here are a few pointers on each brand.

Husky brand tools can often be more reasonably priced than Craftsman, so they’re most likely better for a beginner DIY hobbyist, and they can be relatively durable and strong during work.

On the other hand, Craftsman tools are more expensive but can offer better value for money and be better for more professional DIY-ers.

They’re durable, robust tools, and their mechanic’s toolset offers both SAE and metric measurements. However, they can have a rougher ratcheting mechanism.

Both have pros and cons, so we recommend you purchase the best tools for you and your budget.

If you want to learn more about the kinds of tools that Home Depot is selling, make sure to check if Home Depot buys used tools, if Home Depot recycles batteries, and find out who makes Ridgid tools for Home Depot.


Home Depot does not sell Craftsman tools as they do not have a deal with Sears, who manufacture them.

However, Home Depot sells several useful brands, such as Husky and DeWalt. You can directly purchase Craftsman tools on the company’s eCommerce site.

Craftsman tools can be preferred amongst professionals compared to Husky, however, Husky can be more suitable for beginners in DIY.

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