Who Makes Husky Air Compressors For Home Depot? (All You Need To Know)

Home Depot has a broad catalog of air compressors used for construction, renovation, and DIY projects made by a selection of well-known and independent brands. 

Regular Home Depot customers may be familiar with the Husky brand and wonder – which makes Husky air compressors for Home Depot? Here is what I’ve found out about this! 

Who Makes Husky Air Compressors For Home Depot? 

Campbel and Hausfeld make husky air compressors. According to reports, the U.S.-based company manufactures air compressors in India and China. Husky is now a subsidiary of Home Depot, meaning tools and air compressors are sold exclusively at Home Depot and online. 

If you want to learn more about whether Husky is a good brand, who owns it, and where its air compressors are manufactured, keep on reading! 

Who Owns Husky Air Compressors? 

Husky, formerly known as Husky Wrench, was established by Sigmund Mandl in collaboration with the J.H. Williams Tool Group.  

Several years later, Stanley Works acquired Husky, which formed a partnership allowing Husky tools to be sold exclusively at Home Depot. 

Home Depot has acquired the rights to Husky and has made it a subsidiary of the Home Depot Corporation.  

Where Are Husky Air Compressors Manufactured? 

In the early days, Husky would produce much of its stock. However, as the brand expanded, it started to outsource the manufacture of its products. 

During Home Depot’s early partnership with Stanley Words, Husky tools, including its air compressors, were contractually made at Apex Tools 

You may recognize this name as the Crescent, Weller, SATA, and Cleco manufacturer. 

Husky air compressors are made by Campbel and Hausfeld, a compressor creator subsidiary of the Marmon Group. 

Although these companies are predominantly based in the U.S., many Husky air compressors no longer feature the ‘Made in the U.S.’ label. 

This heavily suggests that they are manufactured overseas, which coincides with Home Depot’s shift into using manufacturers based in China and India. 

How Can You Tell If A Husky Air Compressor Was Made In The USA?

How Can You Tell If A Husky Air Compressor Was Made In The USA

The easiest way to determine whether a product was produced in the U.S. is by identifying the ‘Made In the U.S.’ label. 

For example, if something was made overseas, you may see an alternative label such as ‘Made in China.’ 

Alternatively, you can look to see if the American flag is displayed, but keep in mind that governing bodies do not often use this method. 

You can look for these signs to distinguish where your Husky air compressor was made.  

If you cannot find any regional information, it may mean that various air compressor parts were manufactured in various international locations. 

Can You Buy Husky Air Compressors At Home Depot? 

Husky branded goods at Home Depot include air compressors, power tools, garage storage units, tool storage, hand tools, plumbing equipment, flashlights, floor jacks, and totes. 

Consumers can discover an extensive range of air compressors made by Husky at Home Depot stores and online.  

Prices range depending on the type of air compressor you purchase and how many gallons it can hold. Note that most Husky air compressors at Home Depot are portable. 

Additionally, customers can buy oil-free vertical electric air compressors for $279 (20 gallons) to $323 (30 gallons).  

They also can buy an electric-powered air compressor, most of which claim to operate silently and cost between $149-$479. 

For heavy-duty or commercial construction, engines, agriculture jobs, pressure washing, or air conditioning/ventilation, you may consider the Husky 80-gallon stage air compressor. 

This costs around $1,255.63, but those with The Home Depot Consumer Card can also purchase this on finance with $210 monthly payments. 

Is Husky Air Compressors A Good Brand? 

Consumers report that Husky air compressors are practical and very budget-friendly.  

They also point out that they are a great alternative to expensive brands such as DeWalt and Campbell Hausfeld.  

This is particularly interesting now we know that the same manufacturers make Campbel air compressors as Husky. 

On the Home Depot eCommerce website, Husky air compressors rate an average of four or five out of five stars. 

Additionally, customers expressed how impressed they were with how quietly the compressor works and recommend the compressor, even for heavy-duty jobs. 

Note that Husky compressors are made in the same location as reliable Campbell air compressors.

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Husky is a subsidiary brand now owned by Home Depot and sold exclusively at its stores and online. Campbel and Hausfeld, a known air compressor retailer and creator manufacture husky air compressors. 

While some manufacturing takes place in the U.S, Home Depot increasingly uses companies located in China and India to manufacture its products. 

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