Does Home Depot Sell Husqvarna Chainsaws, Mowers & Weed Eaters?

Are you thinking about doing more garden work soon? You might be looking on the Home Depot website trying to plan out your future battle with the weeds and unruly hedges of your garden.

However, before doing so, you may wonder whether Home Depot sells Husqvarna chainsaws, mowers, and weed eaters in-store or online. I’ve been looking into this, and here’s what I’ve found!

Does Home Depot Sell Husqvarna Products?

Home Depot does not sell Husqvarna chainsaws, mowers, weed eaters, or any other Husqvarna products online or in-store. However, Home Depot does sell a wide range of competing garden tool brands and products. Customers can visit Lowe’s or Sears for Husqvarna products.

So why doesn’t Home Depot sell Husqvarna chainsaws and other tools? Read on to find out more, including which stores sell them!

Why Doesn’t Home Depot Sell Husqvarna Chainsaws And Other Husqvarna Products?

While there is no official explanation as to why Husqvarna products are not sold in Home Depot.

We can speculate that either Home Depot or Husqvarna have an agreement to only sell certain types of brands or to a particular store.

For example, competing store Lowe’s has unique agreements with brands in which the brand is not allowed to sell goods to Home Depot.

This works as a competitive advantage as customers have to choose between certain stores.

What Does Home Depot Sell As An Alternative To Husqvarna?

The tool brands offered by Home Depot include Echo, Ryobi, Dewalt, Makita, and Oregon, to name a few.

In regards to chainsaws, Home Depot offers several alternative brands in a mix of gas, electric, cordless, or bare chainsaws.

Home Depot also provides many riding mowers, leaf blowers, and other outdoor garden tools under these brands, along with helpful tips and guides on how to get the best use out of them.

In addition, you can rent a chainsaw or other electric/gas/cordless outdoor garden equipment from Home Depot at a lower price for customers who only need to use these tools for a short while.

Also, while Home Depot does not sell Husqvarna products, they offer several Husqvarna accessories, including chain parks, riding mower, tractor attachments, trimmer parts, and snowblower parts.

Which Stores Sell Husqvarna Chainsaws, Mowers & Weed Eaters?

A number of retailers (including Sears and Lowes) will sell Husqvarna chainsaws and other tools, all of which are easily found via Husqvarna’s store locator.

Lowes offers a large selection of Husqvarna equipment in-store and online, including lawnmowers, string trimmers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, tillers, snowblowers, auto mowers, and other battery-powered equipment.

Can I Buy Directly From Husqvarna?

Can I Buy Directly From Husqvarna?

Yes, you can buy directly from Husqvarna. Their website lists all of their available tools and tools available to purchase in selected stores (use the store locator to find them!) and offers free shipping on orders over $50.

If you find that the price of Husqvarna equipment is too high for you, they offer low monthly payments on orders which total $1000 or more at 0% interest.

When you’ve added your products to the cart and begin checkout, there should be an option available to investigate this further and see if it can help you with your budget.

Finally, Husqvarna also offers how-to videos on their products and information on warranties for garden equipment to help their customers further in any way they can.

Will Home Depot Start Selling Husqvarna Chainsaws, Mowers & Weed Eaters In The Future?

Home Depot has not released any official statements declaring a partnership with Husqvarna.

Because of this, it is unlikely that the retailer will offer Husqvarna chainsaws, mowers, and weed eaters in the foreseeable future.

Additionally, Home Depot offers a wide variety of garden tools and equipment, meaning it does not need to rely on big brands to generate sales.

If you want to find out other related products Home Depot might be offering, make sure to check if Home Depot sells Craftsman tools, if Home Depot buys used tools, and find out who makes Ridgid tools for Home Depot.


While Home Depot does not sell Husqvarna tools and equipment such as chainsaws, they sell many Husqvarna accessories and parts that customers may require, and offer alternative brands of garden equipment.

Other stores which do sell Husqvarna chainsaws and garden equipment include Sears and Lowes, though other stores also act as Husqvarna dealers.

These stores can be found by using the store locator tool on the Husqvarna website. Husqvarna also sells its products directly through its website, with free shipping on orders which total $50 or over.

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