Does IKEA Furniture Come With Tools? [Bed Frames, Couches, Tables, TV Units + More]

From bathrooms to bedrooms and kitchens, and couches to beds and shelving, IKEA has almost every item of furniture that a person could need.

However, you may be wondering whether IKEA’s furniture comes with the tools to construct it. Here is everything I have managed to find out!

Does IKEA Furniture Come With Tools?

Yes, IKEA furniture such as bed frames, couches, tables, TV units, desks, patio furniture, shelving, etc., will come with tools, which typically include an Allen key and a wrench key. Some IKEA furniture will also require other tools for assembly that are not included, such as a hammer or screwdriver, which will be stated on the box.

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Will I Need Any Other Tools To Build IKEA Furniture?

Will I Need Any Other Tools To Build IKEA Furniture?

A few items may need additional tools of your own, such as a hammer or screwdriver, but this will be clearly marked on your instruction manual.

IKEA does sell small toolkits which can be purchased alongside your furniture and come with almost every tool you would need to construct IKEA furniture.

IKEA stocks a variety of toolkits and tools such as tape measures, screwdrivers, and laser spirit levels, to cater to all IKEA furniture construction projects.

Do IKEA’s Bed Frames Come With Tools?

Any bed frames purchased from IKEA will need to be constructed, and as a result, they will come with tools, especially the Allen wrench, packaged in.

You may need to have a hammer handy, just to ensure that each part has securely been put into place.

Hammers can be purchased within IKEA, as part of small tool kits, just in case you do not currently have the tool.

Do IKEA’s Couches Come With Tools?

IKEA’s couches do come with the necessary tools for customers to construct their furniture. This will most likely contain an Allen key, which is designed to fit with IKEA’s screws.

You should make sure to have your own tools handy while constructing, just in case you need them; especially a hammer and a spirit level, to ensure that your furniture is secure and stable.

These tools can be purchased at IKEA for a small extra cost if you do not own them already.

Do IKEA Tables Come With Tools?

If you purchase a table from IKEA, the necessary tools to construct it should be packaged in with the necessary parts.

This will generally include, as standard, the Allen wrench, and some screws. You should be perfectly fine with just these basic tools.

However, it is a good idea to have extra tools on hand, such as a hammer and a spirit level, to make sure that your furniture is properly constructed. These tools can also be purchased for a small extra price at IKEA stores.

Do IKEA TV Units Come With Tools?

Do IKEA TV Units Come With Tools?

Yes, if you purchase a TV unit from IKEA, then it should come with all of the necessary tools to construct it. This will definitely include an Allen wrench and screws.

You may need to use extra tools that you have handy, to ensure that screws are tight and that all of the pieces are well-balanced and put together securely.

Do IKEA Bathroom Shelving Units Come With Tools?

Yes, IKEA’s bathroom shelves do come with the appropriate tools for construction, including Allen wrenches and screws. For a small number of IKEA bathroom furniture items, you may also need a screwdriver.

The manual included within your packaging should tell you exactly which tools you need, and which screwdriver shapes you may need.

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As standard, most IKEA furniture that needs to be constructed does come with the appropriate tools packaged in; this commonly takes the form of the Allen wrench.

You may need extra tools when constructing IKEA furniture, but most tools you would need can be very easily purchased within IKEA stores. Items such as: tape measures, spirit levels, and small tool kits.

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