IKEA Desks (7 Things You Should Know Before Buying)

IKEA offers its customers a range of easily assembled homeware products, including desks. With many styles available, IKEA provides furniture, including desks, for a range of households to suit any room.

With so many desk options available at IKEA, it can be difficult to decide. If you’re interested in purchasing an IKEA desk, here are 7 things you should know before and after buying an IKEA Desk!

IKEA Desks (7 Things You Should Know Before & After Buying)

1. What Are the Different Styles of IKEA Desks?

The tables and desk systems IKEA offers include the table bar system, as well as the notable BEKANT and IDÅSEN systems.

For computer desks, IKEA sells standing desks, desks for home and office, children’s desks, laptop tables, and desk and chair sets.

To save space in your home, IKEA also offers desk systems that can be multipurpose, such as being used as a dining table.

On the IKEA website, desks are categorized alongside tables and broken into subcategories.

2. What are the Names of IKEA Desks?

IKEA has a range of named desk types, which include the MICKE, MALM, BRUSALI, EJLER, ARKELSTORP, HEMNES, BEKANT, FREDDE, LILLÅSEN, BESTÅ BURS, and GOLIAT.

IKEA also has a number of customizable options, including the LINNMON, LAGKAPTEN, BEKANT, and ANFALLARE tabletops.

These IKEA table tops can be used with legs including ADILS, MITTBACK, TILLSLAG, and KRILLE, and bases such as the ALEX drawers.

3. What Materials are IKEA Desks Made of?

IKEA constructs their desks from a range of materials, often opting to use sustainable sources such as recycled paper for the base of their products.

Furniture, including IKEA desks, is often made from constructed boards, which include chipboard, fibreboard, or solid wood. To strengthen their products, IKEA uses a honeycomb structure of recycled paper.

To prevent damage to IKEA furniture items such as desks, the board is covered with protective paint, veneer, or foil in order to achieve an aesthetic finish.

IKEA states that using sources like wood-plastic composite to create their desks is a great sustainable option as it reuses waste and the need for plastic products.

Within an IKEA desk, there may also be metal materials, including screws and similar features to connect the desk pieces together.

4. What Sizes are IKEA Desks?

4. What Sizes are IKEA Desks?

IKEA desks come in a range of sizes depending on the design and style, which makes it easy to find an ideal style and size. The top-selling IKEA desks, on average, are around 100cm long and 60cm deep.

The most popular IKEA desk is the MICKE, which is sized at 55 7/8 x 19 5/8 and is priced at $79.

The smallest IKEA desk is a MICKE, which measures 28 3/4×19 5/8 and is $49. The MICKE IKEA desk is available in white, oak effect, and brown all for the same price.

One of the largest IKEA desks is the FREDDE gaming desk which measures 72 ⅞ x 29 ⅛ x 57 1/2. The FREDDE desk at IKEA is priced at $299 and available in black and white.

IKEA also offers the BEKANT sit/stand desk which is 63×31 1/2, which is priced at $459.

Some of the largest desktops at IKEA include the LAGKAPTEN, which is 55 1/8×23 5/8, priced at $187.99 and available in dark grey, white, and white stained oak effect, and the BEKANT desktop.

The BEKANT desktop at IKEA is 63×31 ½ and priced at$120. The IKEA BEKANT desktop is available in the colors linoleum blue, white, black stained ash veneer, oak veneer, and white stained oak veneer.

5. What Is the Best IKEA Desk?

The most popular IKEA desk on the website is the MICKE desk. The most popular MICKE styles include one sized at 28 3/4×19 5/8, available for $49 and in the colors white, oak effect, and black-brown.

Other popular MICKE styles at IKEA include a 41 3/8×19 5/8 desk priced at $79, available in the colors white, white/anthracite, oak effect, black-brown, and anthracite/red.

There is also a popular MICKE desk at IKEA that measures 41 3/8×19 5/8 available for $119. This IKEA MICKE desk is available in the colors white, oak effect, and black-brown.

Other loved desk styles at IKEA include the LINNMON/ADILS combination, which measures at 39 3/8×23 5/8 and is priced at $24.99. The LINNMON/ADILS desk from IKEA is available in the colors white/dark grey, white, and white/black.

For an additional $10, the IKEA LINNMON/ADILS desk is available in the colors dark grey, dark grey/black, dark grey/white, white stained oak effect/black, white stained oak effect/dark grey, and white stained oak effect/white.

Another popular IKEA desk option is the MALM desk, priced at $149, available in the color white or for an additional $30 in the colors black-brown and oak veneer. The IKEA MALM desk measures 55 1/8×25 5/8.

6. What Colours Are IKEA Desks?

IKEA desks are available in a wide range of colors. These colors include white, black, high-gloss white, oak effect, black-brown, grey, anthracite, white stained oak veneer, oak veneer, brown stained ash veneer, blue and red.

Not all IKEA desk styles are available in all colors. The most common colors of IKEA desks include white, oak veneer, and black-brown.

Due to the material of IKEA desks, online research has suggested it is possible to customize your IKEA desk using paint such as wood or chalk paint.

7. How Can I Customise my IKEA Desk?

While IKEA sells styles of desks that already include matching tops and bases, it is possible to create our own IKEA desk. IKEA desks can be customized easily as many of the components can be mixed and matched to find a style you like.

IKEA has a range of desktops available, including LINNMON, LAGKAPTEN BEKANT, ANFALLARE, and RODULF, which can be assembled using legs, bases, or drawers.

Popular desk legs include ADILS, available in the colors white, dark grey, and black, the adjustable OLOV leg, and the KRILLE leg, which features a wheel.

IKEA desktops can also be placed on drawer systems, including MALM and ALEX, to create a completely customized desk.

You can customize and create your own IKEA desk on the website using their design your own desk tool, which allows you to browse desk options to find your ideal furniture piece.

IKEA desks can also be customized with various accessories and products sold at IKEA, including laptop mats, desk additions like additional shelves, and more.

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