Does Kroger’s Pharmacy Accept Tricare? (Your Full Guide)

Most active or retired military personnel and members of a military family in the U.S. rely on health insurance plans from the Tricare health program.

Furthermore, because of this, there are several pharmacies that take Tricare across the country. So, this might make you wonder, is Kroger one of them? Here’s all you need to know!

Does Kroger’s Pharmacy Accept Tricare In [currentyear]?

Fortunately, the Kroger family chain of pharmacies does accept Tricare as of [currentyear]. Therefore, military families and active and retired-duty personnel can use this insurance program to get products and services from Kroger pharmacies. However, you need to first confirm with the Kroger pharmacies near you to know what’s covered by the insurance program.

To learn more about what Tricare covers at Kroger and how to use it, keep on reading!

What Does Tricare Cover At Kroger’s Pharmacy?

If you are on Tricare, you can use this insurance at most Kroger pharmacies across the country.

Therefore, Kroger pharmacies will cover most prescription drugs but with some exceptions.

On some occasions, Tricare might cover generic brands completely and some vaccinations partially or fully.

However, it is possible to get some vaccines at no cost at Kroger pharmacies, but you need to confirm with them first.

To know which services and products are covered, it’s best to check with your individual Tricare plan and know how much your prescription will cost.

You can check the covered services page on the Tricare website to see what’s covered. In addition, you can check Tricare Formulary to see the prescription drugs covered.

How Do I Use Tricare At Kroger’s Pharmacy?

Using your Tricare plan at Kroger pharmacies is straightforward, making it easy to get your prescription.

According to the Tricare website, to fill your prescription at Kroger pharmacies, you’ll need to ask your provider to send you your prescription and then take it to your nearest pharmacy.

In addition to providing your prescription, the Kroger associates will also need to see your uniformed services ID card.

What Are The Tricare Exceptions At Kroger’s Pharmacy?

What Are The Tricare Exceptions At Kroger’s Pharmacy?

In some cases, you might not fill your prescription at a Kroger pharmacy. This happens because some non-formulary drugs are only covered by military pharmacies or home delivery options.

Additionally, all the beneficiaries except the active duty service members must get refills for certain drugs through home delivery and military pharmacies.

However, this mostly applies to brand-name drugs.

Can You Refill a Prescription Online At Kroger With Tricare?

Fortunately, Kroger has an online prescription refill service that customers can use.

Therefore, customers can sign up and manage the refills under “My Prescriptions,” which also allows them to set up an auto-refill.

Therefore, if you have Tricare, you should be able to refill your prescription online at Kroger’s.

However, to do this, you should already have an existing prescription on file.

Additionally, you should check with the nearest Kroger store to get the exact process because every pharmacy has its own refill process.

How Much Is A Tricare Prescription Co-pay At Kroger?

Before purchasing any drugs at Kroger, you need to know the Tricare costs, including the copayments, payment options, and enrollment fees.

Therefore, Tricare copayment varies depending on the plan you are on.

Furthermore, you could be enrolled in Tricare For Life, Tricare Prime, Tricare Reserve Select, Tricare Select, Tricare Retired Reserve, or Tricare Young Adult Prime.

Each of these plans has a different payment plan and cost; therefore, it’s advisable to know the specific plan you are enrolled in.

The copayment also depends on whether the sponsor is active-duty, retired, medically retired, or a survivor.

Additionally, you also have to factor in when the sponsor enlisted in the uniformed services.

For instance, active-duty service members have a $0 copay for covered drugs at the Kroger pharmacies.

To confirm the exact coverage, it’s advisable to check the cost details of your Tricare insurance plan before buying any drugs at a Kroger pharmacy.

Do All Kroger Stores Accept Tricare?

Most Kroger pharmacies will fill a prescription if you have Tricare insurance.

However, you need to check whether your nearest store offers this service by calling them before you go shopping.

You can also find a participating Kroger location by searching here.

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Kroger pharmacies do accept Tricare, therefore, military families and active and retired-duty personnel can use this insurance program to get products and services from Kroger pharmacies.

Additionally, Tricare has different plans for individuals to choose from. Your costs will vary depending on the plan you enroll in; therefore, it’s advisable to know the details before purchasing any drugs at Kroger pharmacies.

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