Does Lowe’s Cut Doors to Size? + Trimming (Full Guide)

Lowe’s is known for providing products and services to aid customers’ DIY projects. As well as selling materials, Lowe’s can also provide key services such as cutting and trimming to ensure its products are perfect.

Customers who shop at Lowe’s may be wondering if it can cut or trim doors to size in stores. After doing the research, here’s what I have learned!

Does Lowe’s Cut Doors to Size?

Some Lowe’s stores can cut and trim doors to size if the door is purchased from Lowe’s. To have a door cut at Lowe’s, visit the millworks specialist and give them your specifications. Additionally, Lowe’s also sells the proper tools so you can cut and trim doors yourself.

For more information about cutting and trimming doors, including how to get doors cut at Lowe’s, if Lowe’s sells doors, and what tools Lowe’s sells for you to cut and trim doors yourself, then keep reading!

How Do I Get a Door Cut and Trimmed At Lowe’s?

Lowe’s can cut and trim doors for you in its stores if you have purchased your doors from Lowe’s. However, it seems that this service is not provided at all stores, so it is best to call before visiting to check.

To have a door cut and trimmed from Lowe’s, first order your door from Lowe’s and then provide the staff with your specific measurements.

With that, Lowe’s uses professional carpenters to trim the door to adjust it to your desired size.

Additionally, Lowe’s will usually only cut and trim solid wood doors as opposed to hollow core doors. But it is worth asking in-store as this can vary by location. 

If you didn’t purchase your door from Lowe’s, it might not be possible for Lowe’s to adjust it for you. However, Lowe’s may be able to recommend a professional carpenter it works with who can adjust your door at your home.

How Much Does It Cost To Have a Door Cut At Lowe’s?

Door cutting at Lowe’s is free if you have purchased the door through Lowe’s, which you can order to the exact fit, hinge prep, and bore you require.

If you require an adjustment on your Lowe’s door, it will be free as part of the installation and ordering fee you pay.

What Doors Does Lowe’s Sell?

What Doors Does Lowe's Sell?

Lowe’s sells a variety of doors within its stores, ranging from single and double doors and styles of doors, including barn doors and French doors.

For example, some of the popular door brands sold at Lowe’s include Pella, Therma-Tru, and ReliaBilt.

The best-selling interior doors at Lowe’s include the Renin Easy Build Pavilion 36-inch x 84-inch Bright White 4 Panel Single Barn Door (priced at $179) and the ReliaBilt 36-inch by 84-inch Iron Age 3-Panel Frosted Glass Prefinished Single Barn Door.

Additionally, you have the option to purchase custom doors from Lowe’s, which can also be installed for you.

Can I Cut and Trim Doors Myself?

While Lowe’s cannot trim doors for you that have not been purchased from its stores, it is possible to cut and trim doors yourself at home.

With that, many online tutorials can help you cut and trim a door to the correct size.

One such tutorial advises how to cut off wood door bottoms, which suggests you use a circular saw, clamps, a utility knife, and a sharp saw blade.

Online tutorials also provide numerous helpful tips. For example, use masking tape to protect your door’s finish from damage while using the saw.

Additionally, tutorials recommend you score the door before you cut it for better accuracy.

If you want to trim doors yourself, there is a simple guide on how to do so.

Does Lowe’s Sell Tools To Cut Doors?

Yes, Lowe’s sells tools in-store and online that can help you cut and trim doors yourself at home.

One popular tool is the IRWIN ProTouch 10-inch Dovetail Cut Door Jamb Saw (priced at $11.98).

Also, another customer favorite is the DEWALT 1-Speed Cordless 20-Volt Max Cutting Rotary Tool (priced at $139).

It’s recommended you use a circular saw for cutting, which Lowe’s stocks several options from popular brands.

For example, popular circular saws from Lowe’s include the SKIL 15-Amp 7-1/4-inch Corded Circular Saw (priced at $59.98) and the Bosch 18-Volt 6-1/2-inch Cordless Circular Saw (priced at $119).

Lowe’s also has power tools available to rent, which can be a great cost-effective option as it allows you to use a professional tool for the job without investing.

With that, Lowe’s has many power tools available for rent at select locations.

If you’re unsure what tool you should buy or rent, a Lowe’s staff member will be happy to assist you.

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