Does Lowe’s Cut Plexiglass? (Try This Instead)

Lowe’s sells a number of products at their stores, including glass and related materials such as plexiglass. To help shoppers improve their homes, Lowe’s is often able to offer services such as cutting these materials.

Shoppers at Lowe’s may be wondering if the retailer is able to cut plexiglass in their stores. I’ve done the research, and here is what I have discovered about having plexiglass cut at Lowe’s!

Does Lowe’s Cut Plexiglass?

Unfortunately, Lowe’s does not cut plexiglass within their stores as they do not have the equipment (some select stores have reported to). However, competitor stores such as Ace Hardware are able to cut Plexiglass, or you can purchase tools from Lowe’s to cut Plexiglass yourself. Additionally, local hardware stores may be able to cut plexiglass.

For more information on cutting Plexiglass, including if Lowe’s sells plexiglass to be cut, what tools can cut plexiglass, and more, then keep reading! 

Does Lowe’s Cut Glass to Size?

While Lowe’s cannot cut plexiglass, they are able to cut regular glass to any shape and size within the store. Often Lowe’s can offer this service for free if the glass is purchased from their store.

Alternatively, Lowe’s often offers free glass cutting for the first few cuts and a small charge (usually 50 cents) for any subsequent cuts.

Where Can I Get Plexiglass Cut?

Plexiglass can be a difficult material to cut. Therefore, it may be worth asking local hardware stores or using online services.

For example, if you’re based in Colorado, Ace is able to help with cutting glass or plexiglass within their stores. Ace offers information on their website about their services and places to locate their stores.

Alternatively, you can also order plexiglass online and have it cut to your specific dimensions. This is a great time saver as you can get it delivered directly to your home!

Can I Cut Plexiglass Myself?

Can I Cut Plexiglass Myself?

While the benefits of plexiglass include it being shatterproof, the material can be broken if you attempt to cut it and you are not using the right tools.

If you cannot find a local store to cut your plexiglass, it is possible to cut the material to size yourself.

Lowe’s sells many tools that are able to cut plexiglass, including the PLASKOLITE 1-Blade Utility Knife (priced at $4.48), which is ideal for thinner pieces of plexiglass.

It is also possible to rent tools from Lowe’s that will enable you to cut the plexiglass yourself.

Tools can be rented from select Lowe’s stores, and it is a good cost-effective option to use professional tools without the need to purchase them.

There are many tutorials online that offer advice on how to cut thicker pieces of plexiglass.

The recommended tool for cutting plexiglass is a power saw, such as a circular, saber, or table saw. If you wish to cut curved lines in plexiglass, consider using a jigsaw.

How Do I Cut Plexiglass Myself?

Using a metal cutting blade on plexiglass is recommended for the best results, with uniform teeth to ensure even cutting.

It is recommended before you cut your plexiglass, sand it with sandpaper and then buff the plexiglass.

Other tips include keeping the blade cool, keeping the plastic film on the plexiglass as you cut, and scoring your plexiglass before you cut.

Home Depot also offers a tutorial on how to cut plexiglass. Stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s will have staff available who can advise you on the best tools available to cut the specific plexiglass you have.

Does Lowe’s Sell Plexiglass?

Lowe’s sells a variety of plexiglass options in their store and online, including specialized finishes, including corrugated finishes.

Some of the best-selling plexiglass options available at Lowe’s include the OPTIX 0.22-inch T x 48-inch W x 96-inch L Clear Sheet (priced at $239) and PLASKOLITE 0.246-inch T x 48-inch W x 96-inch L Clear Sheet (priced at $81).

Consulting with a member of the Lowe’s team can help you to find the right size, option, and finish for your Plexiglass. The variety of options available at Lowe’s for plexiglass may negate the need for cutting the material.

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Unfortunately, Lowe’s is unable to cut plexiglass within their stores. Lowe’s does sell a range of plexiglass options in-store and online, available in a variety of sizes, which may be a good option as they would not require cutting.

Lowe’s sells a range of tools that will help customers to cut their plexiglass themselves. Local stores and online retailers may also be able to help to cut your plexiglass if you cannot find what you require at Lowe’s.

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