Does Lowe’s Cut Drywall/Sheetrock? (Your Full Guide)

Lowe’s specializes in products and services to improve shoppers’ homes and businesses. To ensure customer satisfaction, Lowe’s staff are often able to cut, trim, and bend materials to size and shape.

Frequent visitors to Lowe’s may wonder if the retailer can cut drywall and sheetrock in their stores. I’ve done some digging, and here is what I have found out!

Does Lowe’s Cut Drywall/Sheetrock?

Lowe’s does cut drywall and sheetrock in stores to the correct sizes customers require, usually for free. Additionally, Lowe’s also sells tools and products that will enable customers to cut their drywall and sheetrock. Unfortunately, most Lowe’s stores do not cut drywall and sheetrock purchased from other stores.

For more information about Lowe’s cutting drywall and sheetrock, including how you get it done, how much it costs, and what tools Lowe’s sells that you can use to cut these materials, keep reading below!

How Do I Get Drywall Cut at Lowe’s?

To have your drywall cut at Lowe’s, you can ask a staff member at your local store who will assist you.

If you have purchased your drywall from Lowe’s, you can request to have it cut at the checkout.

If you have not purchased your drywall from Lowe’s, it is recommended to call your local Lowe’s store and ensure they can provide services to cut your drywall.

What Tools Does Lowe’s Sell to Cut Drywall?

In addition to selling a variety of drywall in their stores and online, Lowe’s also sells many different tools that will enable you to cut drywall yourself.

Online reports suggest that the best tools for cutting drywall are utility, putty knives, and saws like reciprocating and track saws.

Some of the top products Lowe’s sells for cutting drywall include the Kobalt 6-inch Cross-Cutting Jab Saw and the Kobalt 1-Speed Cordless 24-Volt Max Cutting Rotary Tool.

Does Lowe’s Cut Sheetrock?

Does Lowe’s Cut Sheetrock?

As well as cutting drywall in their stores, Lowe’s can also cut sheetrock for customers. Lowe’s sells a variety of sheetrock in their stores and online that can be cut for free.

If you have not purchased your sheetrock from Lowe’s but still wish to have it cut, contact your local Lowe’s to ensure they can provide this service for you.

How Do I Get Sheetrock Cut at Lowe’s?

To get sheetrock cut at Lowe’s, you can purchase a section of the material from the store and request to have it cut before you leave.

Lowe’s can also help you carry your sheetrock to your vehicle if necessary.

How Much Does Drywall/Sheetrock Cutting Cost at Lowe’s?

Usually, if you purchase your drywall or sheetrock from Lowe’s, they will cut the material free of charge.

However, if you bring in your sheetrock or drywall to be cut, there may be a small charge following the first two or three cuts.

Online reports suggest prices are around 50 cents for cuts at Lowe’s.

What Tools Does Lowe’s Sell to Cut Sheetrock?

Lowe’s sells a variety of tools to help you cut sheetrock at home if that’s what you prefer.

Recommended tools sold at Lowe’s include the Kobalt Jab Drywall Saw and Marshalltown 16-inch Drywall Circle Cutter.

These tools are similar to those used to cut drywall, but Lowe’s employees can offer advice on how to cut your type, thickness, and size of sheetrock.

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