Does Lowe’s Cut Tile? (Marble, Glass, Is It Free, How It Works + More)

If you’re planning on upgrading your bathroom or kitchen, you may be thinking about using tile to decorate. Most big-box home improvement stores have pre-cut tile, but if you’re the creative sort, you may want custom sizes.

With that in mind, you might be wondering if Lowe’s can cut tile for you. I’ve been curious myself, and here’s what I’ve found!

Does Lowe’s Cut Tile?

Lowe’s will cut tile for free in-store to your specific measurements. With that, Lowe’s can either cut your tile to size or simply trim it to fit in your vehicle. However, Lowe’s tile-cutting service can only make straight-line cuts on the tile, not curved or angled cuts.

But what kind of tile will Lowe’s cut? Read on to find out more, including if you can rent a tile cutter from Lowe’s to cut tile yourself! 

Does Lowe’s Cut Marble Tile?

Yes, Lowe’s will cut marble tile as long as it’s purchased from its store and will not cut any tile not purchased in-store as its policy doesn’t allow it.

The cheapest marble tile available at Lowe’s is $0.49 per tile, and prices can reach as high as $41.04 per square foot.

Does Lowe’s Cut Glass Tile?

Yes, Lowe’s cuts glass and all types of tile as long as it was purchased at Lowe’s rather than brought in from another store.

To have Lowe’s cut your tile, simply find an associate when you purchase the tile to begin the process.

Is It Free To Cut Tile At Lowe’s?

Since you’re already spending money on the tile you need for your project, you may be wondering about the cost of cutting the tile afterward.

Thankfully, Lowe’s employees offer tile-cutting service for free as it tries to go the extra mile for customers and help in any way they can with customers’ home improvement and projects.

How Does Cutting Tile At Lowe’s Work?

How Does Cutting Tile At Lowe's Work?

To get your tile cut at Lowe’s, you need to prepare your measurements before buying the tile.

With that, you can either measure it yourself or contact Lowe’s to perform an in-house measurement service to ensure you get the right length.

Once you have your measurements, you need to purchase your tile.

Lowe’s will only cut tile purchased in-store, so feel free to browse its website before picking your tile to save time browsing the shelves.

After buying your tile, speak to an associate about having it cut to size according to your measurements.

Keep in mind that Lowe’s can only perform straight cuts and cannot do curves or angled cuts.

Your tile is then cut in-store, ready for you to use the same day if you need to.

While this tile-cutting service isn’t perfect, it’s a quick and easy service you can utilize when you need trimmed tile.

Do Lowe’s Sell Tile Cutters?

If you’d rather cut the tile yourself, Lowe’s offers several tools for cutting tile, including wet saws with sliding tables in different sizes and amps.

Brands for these wet saws include Kobalt to DeWalt, and prices start at around $62.

Because Lowe’s offers deals and savings regularly, these items can also go on sale at any point, so watch the prices carefully.

Can You Rent A Tile Cutter From Lowe’s?

If you can’t afford a tile cutter at Lowe’s, you can always rent one instead.

For example, renting an ND-180 7-inch tile saw costs $21 for four hours, whereas the RRP of this saw is around $105.

The rental rate increases the longer you use it, with a maximum price of $290 for four weeks (28 calendar days).

The minimum rental period is four hours, and the prepayment amount you’ll need to have ready for the saw is $25.

These prices can differ depending on the rental period you need the saw for and the saw in question.

For further information, input your necessary rental dates into the Lowe’s rental website or simply call your local store and ask.

Which Stores Cut Tile?

It is rare to find other home improvement stores that will cut tile.

Although there’s no concrete answer as to why home improvement stores don’t cut tile, it may be due to the cost of running the tile saw or training employees.

However, most stores such as Home Depot, Menards, and Ace Hardware offer tile cutters and wet saws to customers.

Home improvement stores also have instructional videos available for customers to try and rent alternatives for tile cutters and wet saws if they can’t afford the selling price or simply don’t have the room to store a tile cutter.

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