Does Lowe’s Haul Away Old Appliances? (Types Of Appliances, Cost, How It Works + More)

Lowe’s stocks a wide range of small and large appliances as part of its home improvement product range, with its catalog including everything from refrigerators to dishwashers.

Although Lowe’s offers to deliver appliances to customers’ homes, you may be wondering – does Lowe’s also haul away old appliances? Here is what I’ve found out about this!

Does Lowe’s Haul Away Old Appliances?

Lowe’s does offer a haul-away service for old appliances upon the delivery of a new appliance bought in-store or online. If customers opt for this service, they will be charged a disposal/recycling fee (usually around $30) or free of charge for Lowe’s Pro members.

If you want to know more about how much Lowe’s haul-away service costs, which appliances Lowe’s will haul away, and how the haul-away service works, keep on reading!

How Much Does Lowe’s Haul Away Service Cost?

Lowe’s haul-away service costs around $30 and will take place upon delivery of a new appliance. Note that the service is free for Lowe’s Pro customers.

The additional charges in Lowe’s haul-away service are due to local disposal, dumping, and recycling costs.

Also, keep in mind that the service may vary depending upon your location and the contractor Lowe’s uses.

What Kind Of Appliances Will Lowe’s Haul Away?

It appears Lowe’s will haul away any old appliance upon the delivery of a similar appliance bought in a Lowe’s store or online at

Additionally, Lowe’s will haul away appliances such as old refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, dryers, microwaves, etc.

To confirm if Lowe’s will haul away your appliance, check with your local store while booking your delivery and ensure that your used appliance is disconnected and uninstalled.

How Does Lowe’s Haul Away Service Work?

How Does Lowe’s Haul Away Service Work?

Lowe’s haul-away service is a part of their delivery service and is offered upon the purchase of a new appliance in-store or online.

This delivery and haul-away service will be performed in one go by the same team of contractors.

How Should I Prepare For Lowe’s Haul Away Service?

To prepare for Lowe’s haul-away service, make sure you unplug and empty your old appliance, completely disconnecting it from power and water supplies.

Additionally, You will need to clear the path to your old appliance by removing any items along the way.

Note that the outdoor path must also be cleared of anything that will cause problems, including snow.

Other than that, you will need to confine any pets that may get in the way during the delivery and haul-away service.

Will Lowe’s Move My Old Appliance To A New Room?

Lowe’s offers to move your old appliance to a new room on the same property completely free of charge as part of its delivery and haul-away service.

If you want Lowe’s to move your old appliance, disconnect and uninstall it before the service arrives.

Additionally, you should ensure the path from the old place to the new place is cleared of any items that may get damaged or cause an obstruction.

However, customers should note that reconnection of the used appliance is not included as part of this service.

Where Does My Old Appliance Go After Lowe’s Haul Away?

Lowe’s will dispose of or recycle your old appliance, depending on your location.

The retailer appears to recycle most old appliances and has won awards from the US Environmental Protection Agency because of its recycling efforts.

Along with that, Lowe’s also extends recycling opportunities to its customers via a number of methods, including in-store drop-off of some old products.

Unfortunately, this in-store system does not apply to appliances.

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Lowe’s does offer a haul-away service as part of its delivery service. When you buy an appliance at Lowe’s, you can have your old appliance hauled away as your new one is delivered.

Note that Lowe’s haul away service usually costs around $30, but this may vary depending upon your location, and the service is free for Pro customers.

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  1. When Lowe’s deliveries my new refrigerator I did not know how to disconnect the water line so I called a plumber which came out that evening. The delivery of my new one was deliveries but they could not take the old one yet. So I’ve called to make arrangement to have my old one hauled away but after three attempts I have not got a response

  2. I bought a new washer deivered today pleaded to haul old one off and pay fee they would not help me. Bad bad service

  3. 10-18-23 purchased new washing machine paid del and haul away it was del 10-20-23
    Del guy refused to take my old one said leaking oil (not true )old machine blew transmission seal there was no oil in it he said I’ll stop tomorrow never did called lowes they took 50haul charge off and said someone be out tomorrow never showed and they remove my 50 dollar credit

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