Does Lowe’s Make Keys? (Car, Office, Post Office, Duplicate + More)

Lowe’s is a great place to get your shopping done, whether it’s for renovations, home improvement, or other hardware-related or even gardening projects. With a wide range of products, Lowe’s likely has what you need!

But what happens when you realize that you either lost a key or need one duplicated—you might be wondering, does Lowe’s make keys? I did some research into the question, and here’s everything that I found out about it!

Does Lowe’s Make Keys In 2024?

Lowe’s makes keys for customers as of 2024. This in-store service for cutting requires you to bring the physical key in, and Lowe’s offers it for many key types, including house, car, and office keys. The price is based on how much the new blank key costs, generally around $5 either in-store or by ordering it in advance online.

If you’re interested in more information on Lowe’s key cutting service, what kinds of keys Lowe’s makes, how much it costs, and much more, keep on reading!

Does All Lowe’s Stores Cut Keys?

Yes, a large majority of Lowe’s does cut a variety of keys in-store for customers who need them.

Also, people who frequent Lowe’s can enjoy a discounted price for these services and quite a speedy cutting or duplicating process for many types of keys.

That said, you can either go to the employee hardware counter and request key cutting or use one of Lowe’s self-serve KeyMe kiosks that walk you through the process and allow you to safely store a digital snapshot of your required key for cutting.

Does Lowe’s Make House Keys?

Yes, Lowe’s does make house keys.

That said, anyone who needs a home key cut can go into their local Lowe’s store and choose to either make it themselves at one of the self-serve kiosks or the employee-manned key cutting counter.

If you choose to utilize the self-service key cutting kiosk, the machine will walk you through the easy process step-by-step.

Whether you go to the kiosk or counter, house and entry keys are simple to make and will not take very long for the job to complete.

Does Lowe’s Make Car Keys?

While Lowe’s can make car keys used to open car doors manually, it doesn’t have the technology required to duplicate the sensor chips found in most modern vehicles.

Further, Lowe’s car keys are good for opening the doors and trunk, and it even sells ones with automated key fob bases.

But, you will have to go to your local car dealership to get the chip programmed to work for your vehicle.

Does Lowe’s Make Office Keys?

Yes, Lowe’s does make office keys.

Like house keys, most keys needed to unlock an office door are very straightforward and can be cut quickly and easily.

Further, office keys are another option for you to get at Lowe’s KeyMe self-serve kiosks at various locations across the US.

Does Lowe’s Make Post Office Keys?

Does Lowe's Make Post Office Keys?

Lowe’s can make keys that open post boxes, but with some caveats.

That said, the key cannot belong to an official USPS post box, as these keys are monitored and replaced through USPS itself.

However, if USPS does not maintain the post box, you can get a new one cut at Lowe’s!

Does Lowe’s Duplicate Keys?

Yes, Lowe’s does duplicate keys in-store.

Unlike simply getting a key cut, some companies avoid duplicating a customer’s keys in bulk, but you can get this service done at Lowe’s.

However, the exception is any keys that are restricted in access, such as the ones with the “Do Not Duplicate” stamp.

So, while you might be able to use the self-serve kiosk, most employees are trained not to replicate such keys.

How Do You Get A Key Made At Lowe’s?

This service is only offered in-store, as the equipment needed is large and customers need to produce their physical key to be copied.

At your local Lowe’s store, head to the Hardware Department (usually near the Lumber/Building Materials section) and look for the key copy kiosk, which a Lowe’s employee should man.

Also, some stores even have self-serve customer kiosks for making the most popular key sizes yourself.

However, if you need certain key types cut that are difficult to manufacture or measure, you’ll likely have to get an employee’s help.

What Kinds Of Blank Keys Can You Get At Lowe’s?

In addition, you can choose from a variety of blank keys for the new item to be etched onto, right at the Lowe’s store, or order them online preemptively.

Further, these keys include the following:

  • Automotive manual keys
  • Automotive remote button keys
  • Automotive transponder keys
  • Branded keys
  • Entry keys
  • House keys

Also, there are a variety of colorful, patterned, or branded blank keys available for your cutting service, which can be a fun alternative for a football or Disney fan or even for children’s house keys!

How Much Does It Cost To Get Keys Made At Lowe’s?

Lowe’s key cutting services depend on the type of job and the blank key’s price to determine the final cost.

When you’re getting a key duplicated or made, the cost will change whether the key is a simple cut or a more complex one, such as an automotive key.

However, the price is only the cost of the blank key you need to cut, as most Lowe’s locations will do the cutting part of this service for free.

Also, blank keys purchased at Lowe’s will typically cost between $1 and $5 for the most simple, generic key types, and it typically has sales or two-for-three deals on such keys.

However, for programmable automotive keys, the blanks will cost between $50 and $100 and even slightly more expensive than that range for the highest-end “smart” options.

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Fortunately, Lowes does make keys.

That said, the company’s in-store key cutting service is available to all customers and for several types of keys, including car, home, and office keys.

Also, you can get keys duplicated with some exceptions. Further, the overall price corresponds to the cost of the blank key—typically around $5, but automotive keys are more expensive.

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