Does Lowe’s Sell Benjamin Moore Paint? (Try This Instead)

If you frequently go to Lowe’s, then you’ll know they have a fantastic range of paints available in a variety of colors, brands, and finishes.

On top of that, their paint mixing means if you can’t find your perfect shade, then you can always have it prepared for you.

With many paints on offer, you may be wondering if Lowe’s sells Benjamin Moore paints. I’ve been curious, too, so here’s what I’ve found out!

Does Lowe’s Sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

Unfortunately, Lowe’s does not sell Benjamin Moore Paint. This paint brand is only available to purchase at Benjamin Moore storefronts or a Benjamin store or online. However, Lowe’s does offer a number of alternative paint brands, such as Valspar, Sherwin-Williams, and KILZ.

So why doesn’t Lowe’s sell Benjamin Moore Paint? Read on to find out more, including where you can buy Benjamin Moore paint!

Why Doesn’t Lowe’s Sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

In order to sell Benjamin Moore paint, Lowe’s would have to have a contract in place with permission to sell the product, and currently, there are no plans to make that a reality.

Benjamin Moore prides itself on being sold only by independent retailers, and they avoid distributing to big box stores such as Lowe’s or their competitor Home Depot.

Because of this, it’s likely that you won’t be able to find Benjamin Moore paint in any store other than their own storefronts.

What Paint Brands Does Lowe’s Sell?

Lowe’s sells a number of alternative brands to Benjamin Moore paint and allows customers to search online initially either by color, type, or brand of paint.

The brands they sell include:

  • Valspar: These paints come in multiple colors for interior and exterior painting. They also offer exterior stains and furniture paint. This paint is sold primarily at Lowe’s and other independent retailers.
  • KILZ: A popular brand, often compared to Benjamin Moore paints, as they have similar quality.
  • HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams: Lowe’s has a retail distribution deal to sell Sherwin-Williams paint, so you can only buy them here or at a Sherwin-Williams storefront.

Can Lowe’s Color Match Benjamin Moore Paint?

Can Lowe’s Color Match Benjamin Moore Paint?

Yes, Lowe’s can offer to color-match different paints that are not available in their stores to suit your needs.

This may cost extra depending on the resources used, but if you do not live near a Benjamin Moore store, then this would be the next best thing.

You can get a custom color match by bringing a smooth, solid example of your chosen tint or color. This can be a paint chip, wallpaper, or a cabinet drawer.

However, you cannot get stained wood or textured fabrics color-matched.

Once you bring this to an associate at Lowe’s, they can begin the color-matching process with the X-Rite iVue machine. This reads the color and develops a tinted formula to match the item you bought.

Once you have the formula, the associate will transfer it to the tinter and make the paint sample you need. You then simply test it to make sure it’s the correct tint, and if so, you can buy the full gallon or quart.

Where Can I Buy Benjamin Moore Paint Instead?

Benjamin Moore has a number of stores across the country ready for you to buy your perfect shade.

To find a store near you, simply use their store locator by entering your zip code, city, or state into the search function. This will list 10 stores near your location a short distance away.

You can also order Benjamin Moore paint online from their website, though they only ship to the continental US. 

Benjamin Moore paints are also available in Canada as well as 75 countries across the globe, though these are still primarily locally-owned stores rather than big box stores.

Is Benjamin Moore Paint A Good Brand?

Benjamin Moore offers good quality paint for a great value in multiple different colors and finishes, such as semi-gloss.

Their paint cans are usually priced between $30 – $40 for quality paint and are excellent for resisting stains. Most versions of the paint (such as the Regal Select) are durable and clean easily.

This paint goes on well and covers easily, so it’s excellent for even first-time decorators. However, it isn’t as thick as other paints, so it may need multiple coats.

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