Does Lowe’s Sell Glidden Paint? (You’ll Be Surprised)

As a well-established home improvement retailer, it is no surprise that Lowe’s offers an extensive range of paints to its customers.

So if you’re looking to try out Glidden paint for your home, you may wonder, does Lowe’s sell Glidden paint? Here is everything I have found through my research!

Does Lowe’s Sell Glidden Paint?

Unfortunately, Lowe’s does not currently sell Glidden paints in any of its stores or online. Instead, Lowe’s stocks an extensive range of other paint brands such as Sherwin-Williams, Valspar, Rust-Oleum, and many others. Lowe’s customers can buy Gidden paint from Home Depot and Walmart.

To find out why Lowe’s does not stock Glidden paint, if Lowe’s has its own brand of paint, and what other brands of paint Lowe’s stocks, keep on reading!

Why Does Lowe’s Not Sell Glidden Paint?

There appears to be no clear reason why Lowe’s does not stock Glidden paint. Glidden paint is stocked by a number of retailers around the US, but Lowe’s is not one of them.

A potential reason could be that Glidden paint is stocked by Home Depot, a major competitor of Lowe’s, which could explain why Glidden is not stocked at the latter.

However, Lowe’s also stocks competing paint brands, which could be another reason for the lack of Glidden paint in stores.

Which Retailers Sell Glidden Paint?

Glidden paint is stocked by many retailers across the US, including a few well-known nationwide stores such as the following:

  • Walmart
  • The Home Depot

Other than these, Glidden paints are also stocked by independent retailers across the country and their online store allows you to search for the location that stocks each paint you choose.

Does Lowe’s Have Its Own Brand Of Paint?

Lowe’s doesn’t have its own brand of paint; however, it does have a deep partnership with Sherwin-Williams, which gives Lowe’s exclusivity over some of Sherwin-Williams’ products.

Although Sherwin-Williams operates its own stores, its decade-long partnership with Lowe’s offers exclusivity of some products to Lowe’s shoppers.

What Brands Of Paint Does Lowe’s Sell That Are Similar To Gidden?

What Brands Of Paint Does Lowe’s Sell?

Lowe’s carries a large range of paints brands, including the following:

Other than these, Lowe’s used to stock PPG paint but ended its deal in 2018.

You can also buy paint supplies from Lowe’s, including brushes and rollers with brands such as Purdy.

What Types Of Paint Does Lowe’s Sell?

Lowe’s sells a vast range of paint products from a number of well-known brands. The paint types offered by Lowe’s include:

Along with that, Lowe’s paints also come in a range of finishes, including:

  • High gloss, high level of reflection
  • Gloss, perfect for doors, cabinets, and moldings
  • Semi-gloss, ideal for high humidity rooms such as bathrooms
  • Satin, less reflective than gloss and good for high-traffic rooms
  • Eggshell, soft, washable, and durable
  • Matte, little reflectivity
  • Flat, smooth, and perfect for dining rooms
  • Super flat, nonreflective, and with the most pigment, making it the most cost-effective option

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Lowe’s does not stock Glidden paints in any of its stores or online. The retailer does stock a range of other brands, including Sherwin-Williams, Kilz, and Valspar.

Additionally, Lowe’s stocks an extensive variety of types of paint, including those for indoor and outdoor use. Its paint comes in a range of finishes and colors.

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