Does McDonald’s Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay? (Guide)

McDonald’s offers various payment methods for customers so they can quickly place orders online, in-store, or through the app, but what about Google Pay and Samsung Pay?

If you’ve been wondering whether or not McDonald’s accepts Google Pay and Samsung Pay, keep reading because I’ll tell you the answers to those questions and more!

Does McDonald’s Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay?

McDonald’s does accept both Google Pay and Samsung Pay, both in-store and in the drive-thru. However, the McDonald’s app does not support either Samsung or Google Pay. Additionally, McDonald’s will also accept wearable devices that are compatible with both Google and Samsung Pay.

Do you have more questions about using Google Pay and Samsung Pay at McDonald’s? I’ll get into the specifics below, so read on!

How Does Google Pay Work at McDonald’s?

Google Pay is straightforward to use at McDonald’s since it works similarly to a credit or debit card transaction.

With that, all you do is place your order at the restaurant and bring up the Google Pay app on your device.

Furthermore, if you’re going through the drive-thru, tell the cashier you’re paying with Google Pay, and they’ll hand you the contactless card reader so you can pay with your phone.

On the other hand, if you’re inside McDonald’s, just place your phone above the card reading machine and wait for the transaction to complete.

You’ll know when the transaction completes because your phone will make a ping sound, and the card reader will say the transaction was approved.

How Does Samsung Pay Work at McDonald’s?

How Does Samsung Pay Work at McDonald's?

Samsung Pay works the same way as Google Pay at McDonald’s, although it’s important to note that only those on a Samsung device will be able to use Samsung Pay.

That said, order your food as you usually would, and then if you’re using the drive-thru, tell the worker that you’re using Samsung Pay. 

Then, a McDonald’s employee will give you the card reader to scan it and place your phone over the top of the card reader to register.

Further, if you pay inside the store, just open up your Samsung Pay app and hover it over the card reader located on the counter.

Once you hear the beep or ring on your device, you’ll know that your transaction has been completed.

Can You Use Google Pay On the McDonald’s App?

Unfortunately, you cannot use Google Pay through the McDonald’s app since the Mobile Order & Pay app only takes Apple Pay right now.

Can You Use Samsung Pay On the McDonald’s App?

Sadly, McDonald’s is not currently accepting Samsung Pay on the McDonald’s app, and only Apple Pay with an iOS device is accepted as a digital wallet option.

Is It Safe To Use Google Pay & Samsung Pay at McDonald’s?

Using Google Pay or Samsung Pay at McDonald’s is completely safe, especially since there are layers of security involved when you use digital wallet payments.

Further, you have to enter a code or PIN to access your Google Pay or Samsung Pay account, so it’s additional authentication that you don’t have with credit or debit cards.

Also, if you’re not a fan of swiping cards because of the risk of credit card skimmers, then using Samsung Pay or Google Pay is a huge win since you’re not swiping anything!

In addition to that, with the contactless reader machine, you’re also not handing your card to the McDonald’s worker, and that’s better protection of your personal information.

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