Does McDonald’s Drug Test? (All You Need To Know)

One of the questions people have when it comes to applying for a job at McDonald’s is whether or not McDonald’s drug tests potential employees.

If you’re looking to apply for a job at McDonald’s, keep reading below to learn whether or not you’ll have to do a McDonald’s drug test before landing the job!

Does McDonald’s Drug Test?

McDonald’s does not have a company-wide requirement to do a pre-employment drug test. Since many McDonald’s restaurants are owned by a franchisee, it is up to the owner whether or not to drug test. Typically, drug tests only happen at McDonald’s when an accident occurs, or drug use is suspected at work.

There are several questions related to McDonald’s and drug testing, such as what type of panel is used, that we’ll answer for you below!

When Does McDonald’s Drug Test?

McDonald’s does not require a drug test during the hiring process at most locations, although the final say is given to franchise owners.

However, McDonald’s will drug test you if you’ve gotten into an accident at work due to it being a requirement for Workers’ Compensation claims.

In addition to that, McDonald’s can also perform random drug testing once you’ve become an employee, as most companies can do to ensure a sober workforce.

Moreover, McDonald’s also will drug test you if you’re suspected to be under the influence while at work, including showing signs of drug use such as dilated pupils, slurred speech, or irrational behavior.

Is McDonald’s a Drug-Free Workplace?

McDonald’s is a drug-free workplace and requires that all workers be free from drugs and alcohol to ensure the safety and health of employees, food, and customers.

Additionally, if you’re found to be under the influence, you can be terminated immediately, as it’s not tolerated, regardless of whether you work for a franchise or company-owned location.

However, McDonald’s will pay for you to go take a drug test, including paying for your travel time to and from the drug test collection location and paying for the test and review of results itself.

Does McDonald’s Drug Test at Orientation?

Typically, McDonald’s will not drug test at orientation, although a franchise owner and operator could ask for a drug test during orientation if that’s what they have as their hiring policy.

However, since the company does not have a required pre-employment drug test policy, it’s up to the franchise owner if or when these drug tests occur, and some do ask for it during orientation.

In addition to that, the drug testing policy could vary from one store to the next or one state to the next.

What Drug Test Panel Does McDonald’s Use?

What Drug Test Panel Does McDonald’s Use?

McDonald’s uses the typical 5-panel drug test when the company requires an employee to take a drug test either for an accident-relation situation or for suspected drug use.

5-panel drug tests are the standard for a lot of companies, and they will look for these types of drugs.

Does McDonald’s Use a Urine Drug Test, Hair Sample, or Blood Drug Test?

A urine drug test is oftentimes what’s required if you have to take a drug test for McDonald’s.

However, Workman’s Compensation might require a blood drug test depending upon the type of accident you’re involved in and what the circumstances are related to the accident.

In addition, you may be required to submit more than one urine sample if the first sample comes back inconclusive or if some other error occurs during the collection or lab process.

Unfortunately, if your urine is diluted, a lot of companies will take this to mean you’re trying to scam the drug test and will take that as a positive test result.

What Happens if You Fail the Drug Test at McDonald’s?

If you’ve failed the drug test as part of pre-employment for a particular franchise, then you’re not going to get the job offer.

However, the drug testing policy has to be stated clearly that your employment offer is based on you passing the drug test.

Furthermore, if the drug test was part of a Workers’ Compensation claim, then it’s likely you’re going to be on the hook for your medical bill and associated costs, and McDonald’s will not pay.

In addition to that, if you’ve failed a drug test and it is related to an accident, you also could be sued personally if the accident involved other workers or customers.

How Can a McDonald’s Employee Seek Help for a Drug or Alcohol Problem?

If you work at McDonald’s and have a drug or alcohol problem, you can voluntarily seek help to get sober without repercussions.

McDonald’s can help refer you to a treatment provider or counselor if you talk to management about your drug or alcohol problem and ask for help.

Further, if you request assistance yourself, you will not lose your job or be disciplined in any manner.

In addition to that, you also will be given medical leave for an appropriate time so that you can get treatment or counseling for your drug problem or alcohol problem.

However, if you don’t admit to a problem until after you’ve been disciplined for a drug or alcohol-related situation, you likely will be terminated or suspended for the behavior.

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McDonald’s does not have a standard drug testing policy across the board, although most McDonald’s locations do not do pre-employment drug screens.

As with most companies, a drug test will be required if you get into an accident on the job since it’s part of Workers Compensation and determines who is responsible to pay the associated bills.

Moreover, if you’ve been suspected of being under the influence at work, you’ll be asked to take a drug test and will be compensated for your time to and from the facility.

Lastly, if you do have a drug problem you should ask for help voluntarily because it’s the best way to ensure you maintain employment with McDonald’s.

In addition, you can even take medical leave to handle your drug and alcohol issues without repercussions.

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