Does Meijer Accept Google Pay And Samsung Pay? (All You Need To Know)

As contactless payment becomes popular every day, numerous stores are adopting various payment methods that allow clients to use their devices for payment.

Google Pay and Samsung Pay are some of the most common contactless payment methods. If you plan to shop at Meijer using either, keep reading and learn how to go about it!

Does Meijer Accept Google Pay And Samsung Pay In [currentyear]?

Meijer does accept Google Pay and Samsung Pay in all its stores for in-store purchases as of [currentyear]. With these modes of payment, you can leave your Meijer cards at home and make a safe and quick purchase at the stores. However, Google Pay limits the amount you can spend while purchasing products at Meijer.

Keep reading for more insight on how you can pay using Google Pay and Samsung Pay at Meijer, how to pay using Android Watch or Galaxy Watch at Meijer, and much more!

How Do I Use Google Pay At Meijer?

Using Google Pay at Meijer is fast and easy. That said, all you require is your Android phone, already set up with Google Pay and the NFC feature.

But, if your Android phone is not yet set up for Google Pay, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit Google Play and download the Google Pay App
  • Click on ‘Get Started’ and select the “Set It Up” option
  • Add your preferred payment card information
  • Confirm information
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • You’ll receive a text to confirm your device
  • You are now all set to use Google Pay at Meijer

To make a payment, scan your phone over Meijer’s card reader, and a blue tick on the screen confirms payment is successful.

Additionally, it is important to note that you will need to verify that you are the owner using a fingerprint or a PIN if you are using a debit card.

How Do I Use My Android Watch To Pay At Meijer?

To use your Android Watch to pay at Meijer, you have to start by ensuring that you installed Google Pay.

After that, set it up for payment with the steps highlighted above.

Once you’re done with that, use the following steps to set up your Android Watch for payment:

  • Select the “Pay” button on the phone and click “Set It Up”
  • At this juncture, set up a screen lock. You can either use a password, PIN, or pattern
  • The Google details on your phone will automatically be transferred to your watch
  • After the transfer is complete, your watch will prompt you to identify the cards you intend to use for shopping
  • Once again, verification is required. So the bank will send either a text or an email
  • Accept Google Pay terms and conditions

Once you have completed the installation, follow these steps to pay for merchandise at Meijer using your watch:

  • Click on the screen
  • Swipe down
  • Click on ‘Pay’
  • Hold the watch over Meijer’s card reader to pay

Is There A Limitation On How Much I Can Spend Using Google Pay At Meijer?

Is There A Limitation On How Much I Can Spend Using Google Pay At Meijer?

Unfortunately, Google pay has a limitation on the frequency of transactions and the value that one can carry out. With that, these rules are in place to limit fraud.

At Meijer, the following Google Pay limitations will apply when making purchases:

  • A customer can only spend a maximum of $2,000 on a single transaction.
  • There is a limitation of 15 consecutive daily transactions.
  • One is not allowed to send more than $2,500 on a single day.

What Other Stores Accept Google Pay?

In addition to Meijer, several other stores tale Google Pay. For example, the other stores that accept Google Pay include:

  • Nike
  • McDonald’s
  • Whole Food Market
  • Schnucks
  • Foot Locker
  • And many more!

How Do I Use Samsung Pay At Meijer?

You can conveniently make a payment at Meijer using Samsung Pay by following simple steps:

  • Go to your Samsung Pay app on your phone.
  • Click on the ‘Pay’ tab and choose the card you prefer for payment.
  • Click on ‘Pay’ again to select your preferred security option.
  • Enter your security information.
  • Using the back of your phone, scan on the contactless machine to complete your payment.

Can I Pay At Meijer Using My Galaxy Watch?

You can easily use Samsung Pay through your Galaxy Watch to complete your purchase at Meijer. Nevertheless, you must set up the Samsung Pay feature on your watch upfront.

To set up the feature on your watch, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the back button on your watch.
  • Swipe the screen to select your preferred card.
  • Move your watch near a payment terminal, a distance of one inch or less.

Where Else Can I Use Samsung Pay?

Other than Meijer, there are other places where you can use Samsung Pay for your payment, including:

  • Walmart
  • Speedway
  • Kroger
  • Olive Garden
  • Target
  • And many others!

Does Meijer Accept Samsung Pay Online?

Currently, Meijer only accepts Samsung Pay for in-store purchases. Alternatively, you can pay for your online purchase using the payment options available on

To learn more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Meijer accepts WIC, if Meijer takes American Express, and if Meijer requires membership.


In conclusion, Meijer is very particular in the payment methods it accepts from its customers.

With that, Meijer aims to ensure an easy and convenient way of purchasing to buyers, both in-store and online.

In addition to Google Pay and Samsung Pay, Meijer offers several payment options to accommodate different buyers with different preferences.

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