Does Meijer Have Coinstar? (All You Need to Know)

Many retailers have partnered with Coinstar to offer the convenience of coin machines at their premises for a fee.

Therefore, if you wonder whether Meijer has Coinstar coin machines in its outlets, read on and get enlightened!

Does Meijer Have Coinstar In 2024?

Meijer has Coinstar, and customers can use coin machines to cash in their loose change, buy an e gift card, donate to charity, or even count their coins in 2024. You pay a  fee of 11.9% to cash your coins. However, it is free if you change it into an eGift.

Stay with me to learn more about Coinstar at Meijer, how to use the machines, how many coins you can feed Coinstar at Meijer, and much more!

Does Meijer Have Coinstar?

Coinstar has partnered with Meijer to run coin machines at most of the retailer’s outlets across the company’s areas of operation.

Customers can enjoy the convenience of cashing their coins right in the store as they shop without needing to make an extra trip to a financial institution.

Use the following procedure if you want to find Meijer stores with a coin machine:

  1. Visit to use their kiosk finding tool on the top right corner of the site.
  2. Click on it.
  3.  key in your zip code, and it will reveal Meijer stores with Coin machines within your locality.

Where Is Coinstar Located at Meijer?

Most Meijer stores have coin machines located at the entrance. In most cases, near the customer service section or in the foyer.

Nonetheless, if you cannot locate the coin machine, consult a Meijer associate, and they will assist you.

In case the store you visited doesn’t have the coin machine, you can check a nearby Meijer store. Most Meijer brick and mortar stores have coin machines only a few locations don’t have.

How Much Do I Pay for Coinstar at Meijer?

Coinstar charges customers a fee of 11.9% of the total value of coins they feed into the machine.

However, if they opt for an eGift, there are no charges. Similarly, coin-counting services are free if they turn their coins into an e-card or e certificate.

It is a good option to go for the latter option if you have many coins to feed into the machine.

What Payouts Can I Choose with Coinstar at Meijer?

What Payouts Can I Choose with Coinstar at Meijer?

Meijer customers who use Coinstar can opt for any of the following payout methods:

  • Cash Vouchers customers can turn in for a fee of 11.9%
  • E Gift or E Certificate at no fee
  • Charity donations to any of Coinstar coin machines carefully selected charity partners
  • The contributions you make are tax-deductible

How Many Coins Can I Feed Into a Coinstar Machine at Meijer?

The coin machine accepts coins whose value does not exceed $2000. Moreover, it would be best if you took care not to feed in too many coins at once, as this will make it jam.

You can also feed in almost every coin denomination, except for a few.

How Do I Use the Coinstar Machine at Meijer?

First, find the Meijer outlet closest to you with a Coinstar machine. Once you get to the store, follow this simple process:

  1. Choose your preferred method of payout- either cash, eGift card, or charity donation.
  2. Feed your coins into the receptor tray. Don’t put in too much at once, or it will overwhelm the machine. Also, make sure the coins are clean and free of debris.
  3. Check to see that no coins have been rejected.
  4. The machine will start reading, sorting, and counting the coins as it gets them into the slot.
  5. Once done, the machine prints you a paper voucher if you choose the cash payout method, an eGift card with a unique code, or a receipt for your donation.
  6. Take the voucher to the cashier for your money. You will pay a fee. Make sure you cash the voucher the same day it is printed.
  7. You can use the unique code to shop at all Meijer outlets. If you made a charity donation, keep the receipt for your records.

Where Else Can I Get My Coins Cashed Apart From Meijer?

Coinstar has formed a partnership with almost all the major retailers: CVS, Kroger, Walmart, Winco, and Hannaford. You can get practically all Coinstar benefits there.

Moreover, you can also get similar services at such institutions as the American Eagle Bank, Cape Bank, and First County Bank.

The services here are free for members, while non-members pay a small fee.

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Meijer’s partnership with Coinstar gives customers the convenience of being able to cash their coins while on a shopping trip.

Customers can get the service free if they choose a payout other than cash. Also, they can get the same benefits at the other major and smaller retailers and some select financial institutions.

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