Does Meijer Take PayPal? (All You Need to Know)

Meijer is a popular supercenter that accepts numerous payment methods, such as cash, debit, and credit cards.

However, you may be wondering whether PayPal is among the payment methods accepted at Meijer. If so, keep reading to find out!

Does Meijer Take PayPal In [currentyear]?

Unfortunately, Meijer does not accept PayPal as a payment method, whether in-store, online or at Meijer gas stations in [currentyear]. However, Meijer accepts other payment methods such as cash, Apple pay, Google Pay, and Meijer credit and debit cards. You can only use PayPal at Meijer if you link it to these acceptable payment methods.

If you want further insight into Meijer’s payment methods, which stores take PayPal, how to pay with PayPal at Meijer, and much more, keep reading!

How Can I Use PayPal at Meijer?

Customers can use PayPal to purchase products at Meijer if they link their PayPal account to an acceptable payment mechanism.

For instance, digital wallets such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay.

Can I Use PayPal to Purchase Items at

Unfortunately, you cannot use PayPal to purchase products at Ideally, PayPal is not an acceptable payment method at Meijer.

What Payment Methods Does Meijer Take?

What Payment Methods Does Meijer Take?

Although Meijer does not accept PayPal as a payment mechanism, it takes other numerous payment methods. Some of them include the following:

  • Meijer Credit Cards

The store has Credit and MasterCard that the customer can use to pay for products at Meijer’s brick and mortar stores and

If you are using the Meijer Master and Credit cards, you are entitled to some discounts on items such as groceries, gasoline, and clothing.

These credit cards also provide saving offers and cash-backs.

  • Meijer Gift Cards

Meijer Customers can also use the Meijer Gift Cards to purchase merchandise goods from all Meijer stores. However, the use of gift cards will vary depending on the type.

For instance, the food cards are for purchasing foodstuff from the Meijer store, while the E-gift Cards are for online purchases. The cost of these gift cards ranges from $5 to $500.

Further, Meijer gift cards do not expire.

  • Debit and Credit Cards

Meijer also accepts Credit and Debit Cards to be used for the purchase of commodities from its stores. You can use this card for both physical and online purchases.

Examples of these cards are Discover, American Express, and Visa cards.

  • Checks

Meijer takes travelers and personal checks for the purchases made in the store. However, the relevant authorities do not allow pre-signed checks.

Therefore, for Meijer to take checks, they must be signed at the counter in the cashier’s presence.

The different types of checks you can use at Meijer include:

1. Personal Check

Personal checks are written for up to $25 to purchase in-store commodities and $5 in gasoline stations.

These personal checks are verified electronically using Telecheck.

2. Organizational Checks

These checks are written for up to $25 and $5 to purchase in-store commodities at Meijer stores and Meijer gas stations, respectively.

When the customer has a tax-exempt transaction, Meijer will require the organizations’ 501(c) number before the customer is given the goods.      

3. Traveler’s Checks

The travelers’ check is written for up to $100 to purchase goods. This check must also be signed at the counter, and the cashier becomes the witness.

Meijer checks the validity of these Checks by passing them through an antifraud scan.

It is important to keep in mind that all the checks must be used to purchase products at Meijer.

Which Stores Take PayPal as a Payment Method?

Some stores in the US accept PayPal as a mode of payment for online or in-store purchases.

Some of them include:

  • Walmart
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Office Depot
  • American Eagle

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Although Meijer does not accept PayPal for online, gas stations, and in-store purchases, it accepts other forms of payment such as cash pay, Meijer credit cards, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

However, there are stores that accept PayPal for online and physical purchases, such as Walmart, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Office Depot.

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