Does O’Reilly Install Batteries? (All You Need To Know)

A car battery is an essential component in your vehicle; therefore, it needs to be functioning properly at all times. Furthermore, if you need to install a new battery in your car and you don’t have the technical know-how, you need to visit an auto center for the service.

Therefore, you might be wondering whether O’Reilly Auto Parts installs batteries. Here’s what I discovered!

Does O’Reilly Install Batteries In [currentyear]?

O’Reilly Auto Parts does offer battery installation for its customers in most of its locations as of [currentyear]. However, they only install the battery if the location is easily accessible. Therefore, if your car requires professional installation or needs removing of other components, the retailer might refer you to a mechanic or another auto shop.

To learn more about whether O’Reilly installs batteries for free, how it works, what types of batteries the retailer installs, and more, read on!

Does O’Reilly Auto Parts Install Batteries For Free?

According to the company website, O’Reilly will install most car batteries for free at any of its locations.

However, while the installation is free, you’ll incur purchasing costs which vary depending on the battery brand you buy.

Therefore, if you purchase a battery from any of its stores, they can install it as long as it’s easily accessible.

Moreover, if you purchase a battery from another retailer, O’Reilly may not install it for you.

Do All O’Reilly Auto Parts Stores Install Batteries?

Most O’Reilly Auto Parts locations will install your battery for you. However, this will depend on the installation process and employee skill level.

If the installation process is too complicated, the technicians will send you to another auto shop or mechanic.

Therefore, some stores might not offer this service. However, every store will provide free battery testing, charging, and recycling.

What Are The Exceptions For Battery Installation At O’Reilly Auto Parts?

Ideally, O’Reilly will install the battery for its customers; however, this is determined by several conditions.

According to a current employee, the retailer installs batteries 99% of the time unless your car is categorized under a difficult installation process.

This happens if various car components need to be removed to install or change the battery, especially for vehicles that have batteries beneath the seat or inside the wheel.

Additionally, this free installation is also limited to standard vehicle batteries.

Some high-end cars need special equipment to install a battery; therefore, in this case, O’Reilly Auto Parts staff will have to refer you elsewhere.

Therefore, when you visit an O’Reilly Auto Parts store to get a new battery, you need to confirm with them in advance to know whether they can install a battery in your vehicle.

How Does O’Reilly Auto Parts Battery Installation Work?

How Does O’Reilly Auto Parts Battery Installation Work?

Before battery installation, O’Reilly Auto Parts will test it to see if it still has life in it. If the battery is out of charge, they will charge it for free.

Therefore, it’s important to first test your battery before spending money on a new battery.

However, if the battery is dead and is in an accessible location, the staff will advise you on the best replacement and install it for free.

What Type Of Batteries Does O’Reilly Auto Parts Install?

Every car needs a specific type of battery; therefore, you need to know the correct one to install.

However, you can check the technical handbook or owner’s manual for this information.

O’Reilly Auto Parts has different types of batteries available in store, including Economy, Premium, Extreme, and Platinum.

According to the company website, Economy batteries are popular for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Furthermore, with a one-year warranty, these batteries have a reliable starting and reserve power and an extended life cycle.

Additionally, premium batteries are designed to maximize the starting power and safety, and they have maintenance-free convenience. These batteries also have a two-year warranty.

On the other hand, Extreme batteries are more powerful than ordinary ones.

Moreover, they are ideal for larger trucks and SUVs that need maximum starting power.

If you need AGM batteries with lightning-fast starts, you should go for Platinum batteries.

These batteries can handle power requirements such as GPS systems, smartphone charging, and other accessories that require power and have a three-year warranty period.

Therefore, when replacing a new battery, ensure that you consult with the O’Reilly staff to get the ideal one that meets your needs.

Does O’Reilly Install Batteries At Home?

If you are looking for home installation services, O’Reilly might not have this service, but they have some tips and videos on how to do the installation at home.

Therefore, if you can’t get to an O’Reilly store, you can have it delivered to your home and follow the DIY tips on the company website on how to remove an old battery and replace it.

These instructions provide all the details you need, including the tools and materials to use.

However, if the process is too complex for you, it’s advisable to visit a mechanic or professional at an auto shop to get the battery installed correctly. This will protect your car from any issues.

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O’Reilly Auto Parts does offer battery installation for its customers in most of its locations. However, they will only install the battery if the location of it in the vehicle is easily accessible.

Therefore, if it’s not, the retailer might refer you to a mechanic or another auto shop.

Furthermore, O’Reilly Auto Parts stores have different types of batteries to choose from; therefore, the staff will advise you on the best choice depending on your car model.

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