Does Petco Microchip Dogs and Cats? (Price, Locations, + Other FAQs)

Microchipping your dog or cat is a good way to ensure that you can always find them if they go missing.

As a provider of several services geared towards pets, Petco seems like a good candidate for microchipping. Therefore, read this article to find out if Petco offers this service!

Does Petco Microchip Dogs and Cats In 2024?

Petco microchips both dogs and cats through the vets at its pet hospitals in 2024. Apart from this service, Petco also reads an existing microchip, and update its information if the pet changes owners. Petco uses chips from 24PetWatch, and the whole process costs $28 in all states. According to Petco’s vets, you can’t remove a microchip.

Keep reading this article to learn everything you need to know about microchipping dogs and cats at Petco, including the costs, how to access the service, and more!

How Is Microchipping Done at Petco?

Petco implants a microchip using a needle, because the actual device is very small. This process is simple, and it doesn’t require any anesthetic or surgery.

This is how the procedure is done everywhere else. Petco uses its in house vets to facilitate microchipping, and all you need to do is set up an appointment, as described below.

Does Petco Microchip Near Me?

To find a Petco location that can microchip your cat or dog, you just have to visit the section about microchipping on the company’s website.

When you’re on the page, you can use one of two buttons. One lets you find a vet in your area, while the other allows you to book an appointment.

Using the location finder allows you to enter your zip code to get a list of Petco pet hospital locations near you.

These locations will be listed with the store’s contact information, address, operating hours, and services provided, so you’re certain that you can have your cat or dog microchipped.

Petco installs microchips for cats and dogs at its pet hospitals, located where its stores are so you can find them more easily.

Petco management recommends that you set up an appointment before visiting so the process goes smoothly, and you’re not forced to deal with longer wait times than you have to.

How Much Does It Cost to Microchip a Dog at Petco?

Microchipping a dog at Petco usually costs $28.

For starters, you would be paying for the microchip itself, which is relatively cheap, but the cost may change, depending on the overall procedure and what additional options you get.

You would also be paying for the procedure itself and, in some cases, for registration to add your information to a pet recovery database.

If you’re only getting the microchip installed in your dog at Petco, then the price will be $28.

How Much Does It Cost to Microchip a Cat at Petco?

How Much Does It Cost to Microchip a Cat at Petco?

It costs $28 to microchip a cat at Petco. The company uses its in-house veterinarians to do this, which is how it keeps the costs relatively low.

Petco’s Vetco Clinics division has a website where it lists the prices of various procedures by state.

We looked through all of them, and saw that it was a standard $28 for microchipping cats, assuming you don’t get anything else done.

Does Petco Scan for Microchips?

Petco does scan for microchips at its pet hospitals to determine whether the dog or cat you recently got already has one installed.

This helps Petco to avoid installing two microchips in the animal, something which could cause complications.

If the staff scan and find a microchip, they can reprogram it for you by changing the information stored on it from the previous owner’s to your own.

This way, you can be able to track the dog or cat if it goes missing without having to install a second microchip, or remove the one that was already installed.

When Petco staff scans for a microchip and finds one, they can also just read the contact information stored on it, so you can determine if an animal you found without a collar or tag is a stray or someone’s pet.

What Microchip Does Petco Use?

Petco uses microchips from 24PetWatch. Through their partnership, you can get a $25 coupon for a microchip through Petco’s rewards program.

These chips have the following features:

  • Always available pet recovery service
  • Database accuracy and integrity
  • Free registration
  • Preloaded ready-to-inject syringe
  • Coated in a substance that speeds up tissue bonding and reduces chances of rejection

Does Petco Remove Microchips?

Petco does not remove microchips. According to Petco’s online vet service, PetCoach, removing the microchip is not advisable, and it’s almost impossible either way.

A pet microchip bonds to its tissue to ensure that it doesn’t move around its body. This also makes it difficult to remove.

Luckily, no reputable vet would microchip a pet, unless it was healthy enough to handle the procedure, meaning that complications resulting directly from the chip are incredibly rare.

A pet microchip is also not an active transmitter, so it doesn’t need to be deactivated if that’s what you’re worried about.

It works by storing your contact information in a serial number that can be read by a sensitive scanner that picks it out from the outside.

This number is what is entered into the database where you registered during installation to reach you.

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Petco microchips both cats and dogs, using its in-house vets at the company’s pet hospitals. To access these services, you can go on the Petco website to search for a nearby location, and get the contact information to set up an appointment. Microchipping a dog or cat at Petco costs $28.

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