Does Petco Groom Rabbits? (All You Need to Know)

In addition to live pets accompanying accessories and supplies, Petco offers support services, one of which is grooming.

Rabbits require regular grooming to keep them healthy in a domestic setting. If you’re wondering whether you can take your rabbit in for grooming at Petco, keep reading for more facts!

Does Petco Groom Rabbits In [currentyear]?

Unfortunately, Petco does not groom rabbits in [currentyear]. You can, however, purchase a variety of rabbit grooming supplies, such as shampoo and nail trimmers from Petco’s stores or its website to groom your rabbit at home. If you’re not up to this, there are specialized groomers and some vet clinics that also offer rabbit grooming services.

Read on to find out why Petco doesn’t groom rabbits, where to take yours for grooming, and more!

Why Doesn’t Petco Groom Rabbits?

Petco probably stays away from grooming rabbits, because they have thin and sensitive skin that would require the groomers to be extremely patient and careful.

If the rabbit is injured during grooming, Petco would have to take care of the injured animal, and this opens the door to a lot of issues.

Aside from these potential risks, Grooming would also take too much time on the groomers’ schedules.

For these reasons, grooming rabbits may not be very good business for Petco compared to the popular grooming services it offers for dogs.

Does Petco Do Rabbit Nail Trimming?

Unfortunately, Petco does not trim rabbits’ nails. While it does offer nail trimming services for dogs, the company doesn’t do the same for rabbits for the reasons detailed above.

You can trim your rabbit’s nails at home using products purchased from Petco, and the guide the company has published to help beginners.

You can also speak to the groomer at Petco to see if they would be willing to visit your home and trim your bunny’s nails, in their individual capacity..

Your vet can point you to a reliable place to have your rabbit’s nails trimmed if they can’t do it themselves. There are also professional animal groomers that can also trim your bunny’s nails.

Does Petco Sell Rabbit Grooming Supplies?

Petco sells a variety of rabbit grooming supplies, such as nail clippers, shampoo, cage cleaners, and more.

You can browse the catalog of rabbit grooming supplies on Petco’s website. You can also visit a Petco store near you to find out what it has.

How Do You Groom a Rabbit?

How Do You Groom a Rabbit? Petco

Grooming a rabbit can be broken up into different steps, the most basic of which are fur brushing and trimming, nail trimming, and ear and scent gland cleaning.

For the entire procedure, you can use products from Petco.

Fur brushing removes excess fur to prevent the ingestion of too much fur. Rabbits need to be brushed at least once weekly.

Keep the rabbit on the floor or in your lap, and start brushing the fur gently, while using your free hand to stroke the rabbit and keep it happy.

Use moist cotton balls, and gently clean the area around the eyes during fur brushing, and check the rabbit’s ears to see if some fur slipped in there.

Use cotton swabs to remove runaway fur and wax.

Rabbits have scent glands that require cleaning, because buildup means the rabbit has an unpleasant odor, and the scent gland may become blocked.

You can clean the scent glands by finding the two slits on either side of the genitals, using a  Q-tip or cotton balls dipped into mineral oil to moisten the area and remove buildup.

To trim a rabbit’s nails, place it in a comfortable position, and use nail clippers or an emery board to gently cut the nails.

Where Can I Get My Bunny Groomed?

You can get your bunny groomed at most small independent pet stores.

Most groomers at pet stores can also independently groom your rabbit from home if they’re prohibited from doing so within the store.

You can also find professional pet groomers in your area by asking your vet, or getting them to do it themselves.

Some mobile groomers also offer home visits, and can groom your bunny from the comfort and safety of your home.

You can find them by looking in your area for fliers or on the internet via Craigslist.

How Much Does It Cost to Groom a Rabbit?

As explained above, rabbit grooming entails different services, and the cost largely depends on the services being given, the condition of the rabbit, and how much time it takes. 

Grooming costs may vary, depending on the service provider, but we’ve found that it’s generally as follows:

  1. Short hair bunny package – A basic trim, scent gland clean, nail clip, and health check at $17 to $20
  2. Long hair bunny package – Detangling, trim, scent gland clean, nail clip, and health check at $25 to $30
  3. Rear cleaning package – Rear wash, detangling, nail clip, scent gland clean, and health check at $35 to $40

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Unfortunately, Petco does not groom rabbits. This is possibly because a rabbit’s skin is too sensitive and thin, and grooming would require great patience and experience that would take away time for the groomers to tend to the other animals, like dogs.

There is also the high risk of injuries to the rabbits during grooming, which would leave them open to a lot of issues. 

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