Does Petco Sell Bunnies? (Try This Instead)

As one of the biggest pet focused chains in the country, Petco is the first choice for many people looking to get a new pet.

If you’re thinking of getting a bunny, and considering one from Petco, you should read this article to learn all you need to know before getting started!

Does Petco Sell Bunnies In [currentyear]?

Unfortunately, Petco does not sell bunnies in [currentyear]. However, Petco allows you to adopt bunnies. Previously, Petco used to sell live bunnies at its stores, but stopped in 2008, because the company realized that many people would buy a bunny and then abandon it shortly after.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about getting a bunny from Petco, including how much it costs, why you can only adopt them, and more!

When Did Petco Stop Selling Bunnies?

Petco announced that it would stop selling bunnies in November 2008.

This announcement said that in early 2009, the only bunnies Petco was going to supply would come from animal shelters and other animal welfare organizations.

Why Doesn’t Petco Sell Bunnies?

Petco had been in talks with the House Rabbit Society (HRS), an animal welfare organization focused on rabbits.

This was intended to convince Petco to stop selling bunnies at its stores, and instead focus on adoptions.

Petco had made a commitment to stop selling rabbits in 1994, but they backtracked on it shortly after.

HRS made Petco an offer where the company would stop selling the rabbits, and instead provide them for adoption straight from the organization.

This offer did not go over well at first, so HRS tested it on a small scale in 2002 at one store to find out if it could work.

Following increased pressure from HRS, and other similar animal welfare groups, Petco finally decided to stop selling bunnies directly at its stores, and opted to go with adoption.

Petco also said that it ihad to stop selling bunnies, because the company realized a lot of them were ending up in animal rescue centers.

This was because some of the people who bought the rabbits would abandon them soon after.

Does Petco Sell Bunny Food?

Petco does sell bunny food, both at its physical locations, as well as on the company website. These foods come in the form of hays, pellets, mixes, and more.

How Do You Buy a Bunny From Petco?

How Do You Buy a Bunny From Petco?

To buy a bunny at Petco, you can visit one of its stores to see which ones it currently has on display.

Petco will usually carry a small number of them in the store to let customers know that the animals are available.

You can check during the weekends when the animal shelters Petco partners with bring more animals into store locations.

Contact the local store to ask about upcoming adoption events, because these are when the shelters bring all of the options they have. This will give you a much wider selection.

You can also adopt a bunny online from Petco through the following process:

  1. Visit the Petco Love website
  2. Navigate to the adoption section
  3. Select “Rabbits” from the list of animals
  4. Enter your zip code and a radius
  5. Hit search to bring up the available options
  6. Select the one you’re interested in to get the contact information, through which you can ask about them

Through this process, you can choose whether you want to inquire about the bunny rabbit, either by call or by email.

Apart from the contact details, each rabbit’s page also tells you the shelter where it’s from, its age, and other useful information.

Whether you choose to adopt online or at a Petco store, you will be able to get easy access to the supplies and accessories you need for the pet.

Petco also provides you with different resources that help you get started with bunny rabbit ownership, including training videos, tips for caring for the animal, and more.

How Much Are Bunnies at Petco?

Adopting a bunny from Petco could cost you anywhere between $25 and $100 depending on the breed, age and additional options such as sterilization and vaccinations.

A young rabbit is more expensive to adopt than an older one. A rare breed of rabbit will also cost you more money.

When buying, especially as a first time owner, you will need to pick up other essentials, such as an enclosure and food, which will bring the total amount you pay up.

This price also includes the money required to keep the shelter running, so you should expect it to be higher if you live in an expensive city.

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Petco doesn’t sell bunnies directly, but allows you to adopt from the company, either at a physical store or via the Petco website.

Petco used to sell bunnies until 2008, when it stopped due to pressure from animal welfare organizations. Today, the company works with these organizations in partnership with Petco Love to provide adoption services to its customers.

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