Does PetSmart Groom Guinea Pigs? (Try This Instead)

PetSmart has become popular across the U.S. for selling a variety of pets, such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and hamsters, and offering products and services such as pet food, care, and grooming under one roof.

So if your pet guinea pig is in need of a refreshed look, you may be wondering whether PetSmart offers grooming services for guinea pigs. Read on to find out what I’ve discovered through my research!

Does PetSmart Groom Guinea Pigs?

Unfortunately, PetSmart does not offer grooming services for guinea pigs. However, PetSmart does sell many grooming accessories, brushes, and clippers for guinea pig owners. Alternatively, customers can visit a local veterinarian or specialist pet groomer to get their guinea pigs groomed.

If you want to learn more about where you can get your guinea pig groomed, what animals PetSmart can groom, and how to groom your guinea pig yourself, keep on reading!

Where Can I Groom My Guinea Pig?

If you wish to have your guinea pig groomed, you can take it to your local veterinarian, who will charge you anywhere between $10 and $20 for the grooming services.

Alternatively, there may also be pet groomers near you that specialize in grooming small animals, such as guinea pigs, with prices being generally higher compared to those of veterinarians.

How Do I Groom My Guinea Pig?

Another option for grooming your guinea pig is to do it yourself at home, which can include activities like brushing, bathing, and trimming nails.

You should brush and groom your guinea pigs at least once a week to keep them clean and healthy, and trim the nails around once a month to keep them comfortable.

Note that you can use scissors to trim the longer hair, so it does not drag on the ground and avoids matting and attracting dirt.

Additionally, it is recommended that you bathe your guinea pig once a month in summer and twice a month in the winter using special parasitic shampoo to help keep your guinea pig clean.

Does PetSmart Sell Guinea Pigs?

Does PetSmart Sell Guinea Pigs?

PetSmart sells a range of guinea pigs in its stores for customers to buy and take home.

These are generally priced at around $45 and are only sold in-store and not on the PetSmart website.

Note that the size, gender, and color of the guinea pigs also vary across stores.

In addition to the pets, PetSmart also sells a range of products, food, and accessories to help you care for your guinea pigs.

To buy a guinea pig or any live animal from PetSmart, you will need to be 18 years of age and have a valid government-issued photo ID with you to prove this.

How Much Does Grooming Cost at PetSmart?

PetSmart currently only offers grooming services for cats and dogs.

For cats and kittens, the prices start at $40 for a standard bath and go up to $60 for a full grooming service.

As for dogs, PetSmart charges customers based on the size of the dog. Typically, dog owners have to pay $40-$50 for a bath and between $76 and $90 for full grooming at PetSmart.

If you are a member of Petsmart’s reward scheme, you may be able to receive discounts and coupons on services such as grooming.

Other than that, PetSmart also offers discounts such as military and senior discounts on certain days to help customers save money.

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Unfortunately, Petsmart does not offer grooming services for guinea pigs.

To have your guinea pig groomed, find specialist groomers in your area or contact your local veterinary office. Note that guinea pigs should be groomed around once a month for their health.

PetSmart is able to offer grooming services to cats and dogs in its stores.

However, while PetSmart cannot groom guinea pigs, they do sell guinea pigs in stores, as well as a range of products such as food and accessories to help keep them happy and healthy.

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