Does Popeyes Do Catering? (All You Need To Know)

Since the foundation of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen in 1972, the restaurant has portrayed a commitment to offering its customers high-quality services.

This might bring up the question, does Popeyes offer catering services? I was curious about the same thing, as the fast-food chain is incredibly popular. Here’s everything I discovered about whether Popeyes does catering!

Does Popeyes Do Catering In [currentyear]?

Popeyes offers catering services in select locations in [currentyear]. Due to these services, the restaurant has designed a catering menu that provides essential information. Consequently, customers can get large quantities of food at affordable prices without compromising quality. However, the prices and availability of the food may vary depending on the Popeyes franchise location.

If you want to find more information on Popeyes’ catering, the popular choices on Popeyes’ catering menu, how to place catering orders at Popeyes, and much more, keep reading!

How Does Popeyes Catering Work?

Popeyes’ catering services aim to deliver food to customers hosting events.

That said, depending on the number of people attending the event, Popeyes’ catering menu can take care of either a handful of people or a large gathering.

Consequently, the restaurant offers five choices depending on the number of people at the event and food choices.

Ideally, Popeyes’ choices are given in clusters of 20, 30, 50, 75, and 100 persons. Also, Popeyes provides a nutritional chart beside the food items and prices on the catering menu.

Further, the nutritional chart reveals information on the benefits of the food, the allergens and sensitivity present, as well as gluten constituents.

Additionally, the restaurant allows its customers to customize their catering orders according to their preferences.

How Do You Place Catering Orders At Popeyes?

If you want to place an order at Popeyes for catering services, you can call the restaurant at (808) 841-6600 from 10 AM to 5 PM HST.

Alternatively, you can place a catering order through the company’s website or by visiting your local restaurant and making an order in person.

Fortunately, Popeyes allows customers ordering catering services online to add any special requests by including them in the notes section during checkout.

However, it is always advisable to confirm the availability of the services in your restaurant of choice since Popeyes’ catering services are not available at all locations.

What Is Popeyes’ Catering Menu?

What Is Popeyes' Catering Menu?

Popeyes’ catering menu is made up of the following food items:

  • Mixed chicken or handcrafted tenders
  • Biscuits
  • Party sides
  • Beverages

On top of that, the pricing of the items as listed in the catering menu is as follows:

  • 50-piece mixed chicken or handcrafted tenders, one party side, and two dozen biscuits (24 biscuits) serve approximately 20 people: $100.
  • 75-piece mixed chicken or handcrafted tenders, two party sides, and three dozen (36 biscuits) serve 30 people: $159.00.
  • 100-piece mixed chicken or handcrafted tenders, three party sides, and four dozen biscuits (48 biscuits) serve 50 people: $249.00.
  • 150-piece mixed chicken or handcrafted tenders, four party sides, and six dozen biscuits (72 biscuits) serve 75 people: $349.00.
  • 200-piece mixed chicken or handcrafted tenders, six party sides, and eight dozen biscuits (96 biscuits) serve 100 people: $489.00.

For separate food items, Popeyes’ catering menu also includes the following:

  • 50 pieces of Popeyes’ mixed chicken or handcrafted tenders ( spicy or mild): $69.99.
  • 75 pieces of Popeyes’ mixed chicken or handcrafted tenders ( spicy or mild): $99.99.
  • 100 pieces of Popeyes’ mixed chicken or handcrafted tenders ( spicy or mild): $134.99.
  • Six Popeyes biscuits: $3.79.
  • 12 Popeyes biscuits: $6.99.
  • Popeyes party sides (mashed potatoes with Cajun gravy, Cajun fries, Cajun rice, green beans, red beans & rice, Cole slaw, corn on the cob, and onion rings): $25.99.
  • Popeyes beverages (gallon drinks): $3.99.
  • Popeyes beverages (half a gallon): $2.49.

Does Popeyes Offer Catering Specials?

Yes, Popeyes offers catering specials to help customers save money when purchasing catering services.

That said, customers can get discounts for their catering orders through the offers provided in monthly deals, happy hour deals, and holiday parties.

Does Popeyes Offer Catering Coupons?

Yes, Popeyes offers coupons for the food items on its menu, including the catering menu.

How Far In Advance Should I Place My Popeyes Catering Order?

Generally, Popeyes prefers early booking of catering orders for proper planning and efficiency.

Even so, the restaurant offers same-day delivery to most of the orders except for orders needing 100 pieces and more. Moreover, it is advisable to provide a 24 hours notice in such cases.

Does Popeyes Accept Checks For Catering Orders?

Popeyes only accepts business checks for catering orders but not personal checks.

Does Popeyes Accept Advance Payment For Catering Orders?

Fortunately, you can pay for your catering orders in advance.

That said, Popeyes accepts advance payments through online payment systems or by visiting the store and completing the payment instructions.

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In conclusion, Popeyes offers catering services for customers hosting many people.

Due to these services, the restaurant has created a catering menu from which customers can select a choice that fits their catering needs.

Therefore, if you need Popeyes’ catering services, you can visit your local restaurant or place an order online.

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