Does Popeyes Have Wings? (All You Need To Know)

Americans eat more than 1.4 billion chicken wings during the Super Bowl. That is a lot of chicken wings for just a single event and signifies the popularity of the meal, especially in connection with sports.

Does Popeyes contribute to this massive number at all? Read on to see if Popeyes’ unique flavor is something you can expect on a chicken wing next time the craving hits!

Does Popeyes Have Chicken Wings In [currentyear]?

Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen has chicken wings, including the Spicy Ghost Pepper Wings, which it had discontinued but brought back as of [currentyear]. After being marinated for 12 hours, the chicken wings are fried in Popeyes’ famous spicy marinade. The cost of Popeyes’ wings varies with the size, and they come with a choice of complimentary sauces.

Stay on if you want to know whether Popeyes has wings, how it makes them, how much they cost, plus much more!

Can I Buy Chicken Wings From Popeyes?

Yes, customers can buy chicken wings from Popeyes locations in the United States and Canada. Though Popeyes does not carry the wings on its website, they are available in restaurants.

Also, when ordering the wings, expect the order to be filled partway with other chicken parts like the thighs since Popeyes does not serve a wings-only combo.

Popeyes wings come mainly in spicy flavors, with the spiciest being the comeback Spicy Ghost Pepper wings.

Typically, the Popeyes Spicy Ghost Pepper Wings are marinated for 12 hours in a blend of peppers, including the formidable Ghost Peppers that measure 1,041,427 on the Scoville scale.

However, the Spicy Ghost Pepper wings were available online and in restaurants nationwide for a limited time, though they are expected to return.

Does Popeyes Have BBQ Wings?

No, Popeyes does not have barbeque wings.

Instead, Popeyes offers the Smokehouse Boneless Wings, which may explain the expectation of grilled wings, especially at first glance.

Popeyes billed the Smokehouse Boneless Wings as containing the “real pecan smoked flavor in every bite.”

However, reviews of the “real pecan flavor” judge it as inexistent or barely there and declare the Smokehouse Boneless Wings slightly better than regular Popeyes Chicken Fries.

How Does Popeyes Cook Its Wings?

Unfortunately, the process is secret, so it is difficult to duplicate the flavor of Popeyes chicken wings.

However, chicken wings are marinated in a blend of buttermilk, sauces, and spices to the desired flavor for 12 hours so that the marinade seeps through right to the bones.

After that, the wings are hand-breaded and fried in palm oil to a crisp and flaky finish.

Are Popeyes Chicken Wings Boneless?

Is Popeyes ChAre Popeyes Chicken Wings Boneless?icken Frozen?

Popeyes has both bone wings and boneless wings.

In addition, the Smokehouse Boneless Ghost Pepper wings are boneless white meat chicken, like the Cajun Sparkle Boneless. There are other boneless wings as well.

With that, Popeyes prefers working with the boneless chicken as it is more economical and allows the company to charge a higher price for what many say is essentially chicken tenders.

On the other hand, regular wings are in bone and come smaller than boneless wings. However, they are more flavorful and tenderer than boneless chicken wings.

Ideally, the smaller size is because Popeyes uses smaller chicken which yields more profit than a larger bird.

What Can I Have My Popeyes Chicken Wings With?

Popeyes has a range of accompaniments to its chicken wings, depending on personal preferences.

You can choose your accompaniment, though sometimes the wings and accompaniments are marketed as a package. In this case, you may have to fork out something extra for your choice.

Still, whatever you choose from the sides and sauces should match your preferences and complement the flavors of your chicken wings.

For instance, the Ghost Pepper Wings come with the Popeyes buttermilk ranch dipping sauce to help take some heat off.

Also, it is recommended you keep a glass of milk close by, especially if it is your first time and you have no idea what to expect.

Further, the crispy, cool, and tangy flavor of a coleslaw side beautifully complements the heat of the Ghost Pepper Wings.

In most cases, the Smokehouse Boneless Wings come with biscuits, fries, and the Rajun Cajun  BBQ Ranch sauce.

How Much Do Popeyes Chicken Wings Cost?

The Popeyes website does not carry chicken wings except for the Ghost Pepper Wings. Therefore, the prices of Popeyes wings may vary by location, as may availability.

Still, here are average prices for various kinds of Popeyes chicken wings:

  • Wings (Dinner) three-piece at $6.49
  • Wings (Combo) three-piece at $7.99
  • Wild Honey Mustard Wings seven-piece at $8.44
  • Wild Honey Mustard Wings ten-piece at $9.91
  • Smokehouse Boneless Wings (Combo) six-piece at $5

Limited Time Offers

  • Ghost Pepper Wings (Combo) six-piece at $7.19
  • Ghost Pepper Wings (Combo) 12-piece at $11.19
  • Ghost Pepper Wings (Dinner) six-piece at $8.39

Why Are Popeyes Chicken Wings So Small?

There are concerns that not only are Popeyes wings small but that they have been getting smaller, especially the bone pieces.

That said, Popeyes uses smaller chicken rather than fully grown large pieces that some of its competitors use.

Probably, it is because the smaller chickens are more tender, flavorful, and easier to work with.

Besides, it is cheaper to acquire the smaller chicken as their demand is not as high as the bigger ones.

To know more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Popeyes serves breakfast all day, does Popeyes use real chicken, and does Popeyes use MSG.


Chicken wings are a popular American delicacy that Popeyes customers do not have to miss out on.

Some of Popeyes’ chicken wing products are a permanent feature, while others, like the Ghost Pepper Wings, are a limited-time offer.

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