Does Publix Have Coinstar Or Coin Machines? (Full Guide)

If you have a Publix store nearby, you might wonder if Publix has Coinstar or coin machines. It’s a great way to exchange your coins for cash if you’ve accumulated many.

I will tell you all you need to know about Publix and whether or not it has a Coinstar or coin machine, so read on to learn more details!

Does Publix Have Coinstar Or Coin Machines?

Publix does not have Coinstar, but it has a coin machine you can use in the store. You’ll find the coin counting machine, which is self-service, near the front doors to get into the grocery store. Also, you can only exchange the coins for cash. Additionally, Publix charges a 9% or 10% fee on the total.

I have more information about Publix and Coinstar or coin machines below, so read on!

Do All Publix Have a Coin Machine?

Every Publix location has a self-service coin machine you can use at your convenience.

Furthermore, the coin machines operate almost identical to Coinstar machines, so you can figure out the Publix coin machine if you’ve used Coinstar before.

How Much Does Publix Coin Machine Charge?

Publix coin machines will charge fees anywhere from 9% to 10% of your total coins. For example, if your coins add up to $10, you might be charged $1 for the transaction.

How Many Coins Can You Put in Publix Coin Machines?

There is no limit on the number of coins you can put into a Publix coin machine, but you have to do it steadily so you don’t bog down the device.

Furthermore, if you have a lot of change, it’s worthwhile to use the coin machines at Publix to get an accurate total instead of hand-counting them.

How To Use the Coin Machine at Publix

Using the Publix coin machine is very easy and involves only a few steps:

  • Gather all your coins and make sure there is no debris, such as dirt or lint, in the coin collection.
  • Dump the coins into the machine and select the exchange you would like.
  • After the coins have all been counted, you’ll get a receipt.
  • Take the receipt to the customer service desk and exchange those coins for cash.

What Payouts Can You Choose With Publix Coin Machines?

What Payouts Can You Choose With Publix Coin Machines?

Unfortunately, you can only exchange your coins for cash using the Publix coin machines, which means you can’t donate it to charity, exchange it for a gift card, or any other payout method.

However, you can exchange the coins for cash and then purchase a gift card in the store using the payout, but you can’t opt for the gift card at the coin machine itself.

Can You Use Publix Coin Machines For Store Credit?

No, you cannot get store credit by using the Publix coin machine since that’s not a payout option allowed.

However, you can purchase a Publix gift card with the cash you receive from the coin machine.

Which Supermarkets Have a Coin Machine?

Almost every major supermarket has a coin machine, whether it’s a company brand or Coinstar, including:

  • Meijer
  • Acme
  • Kroger
  • Food 4 Less
  • Albertsons
  • Walmart
  • Vons
  • Ralphs
  • City Market
  • Winn-Dixie
  • Safeway
  • ShopRite
  • Food Lion
  • Cub Foods
  • The Food Emporium
  • Winco
  • Fry’s Marketplace
  • Harris Teeter
  • Jewel Osco
  • Giant Eagle
  • H-E-B

Despite how extensive this list is, it’s only a portion of the most popular supermarkets that have coin machines, but some smaller supermarkets in your area may also offer them.

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