Does Publix Sell Cigarettes? (Your Full Guide)

Publix provides several everyday products as well as items for special occasions, like flowers. However, if you’re out of cigarettes, you may be wondering if Publix sells those too.

Look no further for the answers you need! I’m going to tell you if Publix sells cigarettes and much more related to tobacco, so keep reading to find out!

Does Publix Sell Cigarettes?

Publix does sell cigarettes in its stores. Publix sells all cigarette brands because it feels the needs of its smoking customers are just as crucial as non-smoking customers. However, the price of cigarettes varies depending on the brand and the store location due to different tax rates in each state.

Read on to find out more about Publix and what kinds of cigarettes it sells!

What Brands Of Cigarettes Does Publix Sell?

Publix sells nearly all cigarette brands at its grocery stores, including:

  • Marlboro
  • KOOL
  • Camel
  • Winston
  • Pall Mall
  • Salem
  • Newport
  • Maverick

Why Does Publix Sell Cigarettes?

Publix continues to sell cigarettes in its stores because it’s convenient for its shoppers to get everything in one place.

With that, Publix has stated the needs of smoking customers are just as crucial as the needs of non-smoking customers.

Therefore, it makes sense for Publix to continue carrying tobacco products to satisfy its smoking customers who need to purchase cigarettes while shopping.

Further, many times, cigarettes can be more of an impulse buy for some people or a purchase that they remember they need before they leave.

Does Publix Sell Electronic Cigarettes?

Yes, Publix does sell electronic cigarettes, although they’re low-quality products, such as BLU, which aren’t going to last very long.

However, if you just want to try an electronic cigarette to see if it works for you, then getting one of these lower-quality brands from Publix is a good idea.

Additionally, the other downside to buying electronic cigarettes at Publix is that they will cost you more than they would in a smoke shop.

Does Publix Sell Vape Pens?

Does Publix Sell Vape Pens?

Publix does sell vape pens, but like with electronic cigarettes, they aren’t of outstanding quality and will cost you more than if you went to a smoke shop.

Additionally, there’s such a limited selection of vape pens at Publix that it’s not worth buying unless you’re in a bind and need one right away.

Where Does Publix Keep Its Cigarettes?

Publix keeps cigarettes behind the customer service counter, which means employees operating the checkout lanes and cashiers have to walk to the counter to retrieve them.

How Much Is a Carton Of Cigarettes at Publix?

The price of a carton or single pack of cigarettes at Publix varies depending on which state you’re in because each state has different tax rates.

Also, Publix does offer some sales and discounts on cigarettes, so if you get your carton at the right time, you might save a couple of bucks.

Additionally, the price varies depending on which brand you smoke, with common name brands being more expensive than a regional lesser-known brand.

That said, if you purchase Marlboro or Camel, you’re going to pay more for the carton, and it can easily be $60 to $80 for a carton.

However, if you sign up on the website of the cigarette maker you like, you’ll often receive coupons in the mail that can save you a few bucks.

Does Publix Deliver Cigarettes?

Unfortunately, Publix does not deliver cigarettes. So, if you use a delivery service to get your groceries, you’re not going to be able to add cigarettes to your order.

With that, Publix can’t deliver cigarettes because the cashier must check your photo identification to ensure you’re over the legal age to purchase tobacco products.

Additionally, you’ll find that cigarettes are an item that no company delivers, whether it’s a grocery store like Publix or a convenience store.

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