Does Publix Do Money Orders? (Your Full Guide)

Money orders are a common way to pay for goods and services, but not every store sells or cashes them. So, if you have a money order, knowing which stores cash them is helpful.

If you’ve been looking around and wondering if Publix does money orders, keep reading because I will tell you if you can get a money order at Publix and so much more!

Does Publix Do Money Orders?

Publix does do money orders but limits the amount of each money order to $500 at most locations. Further, Publix only sells money orders and doesn’t cash the money orders. You can get a money order during regular business hours at the customer service desk, and there is an $.89 to $.99 fee for a money order.

Keep reading if you want to know more about money orders at Publix, such as the cost and how it works!

Do All Publix Locations Have Money Orders?

Yes, every Publix location, regardless of what state you live in, does sell money orders.

Does Publix Cash Western Union Money Orders?

Unfortunately, you cannot cash a money order at Publix, whether it’s Western Union or another brand, even though Publix sells money orders.

What Time Can I Buy Money Orders at Publix?

You can purchase a money order at Publix during regular business hours from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. at most locations.

Additionally, as long as someone is working the customer service desk, you can purchase a money order in a few minutes!

How Much Does It Cost To Get a Money Order at Publix?

At Publix, there’s a fee between $.89 to $.99 for a money order.

Also, you need to pay for a money order using any payment method that Publix accepts, including cash, prepaid debit card, and a traditional debit card.

Does Publix Accept Credit Cards For Money Orders?

Does Publix Accept Credit Cards For Money Orders?

Unfortunately, Publix does not accept credit cards for money orders but does accept debit cards.

Does Publix Accept Checks For Money Orders?

You cannot pay for a money order using a check at Publix, as that’s not an accepted payment method for money orders.

Does Publix Have a Money Order Limit?

Publix limits the amount of a money order to $500 at most locations. So, if you need a money order for $2,000, you’ll need to buy four orders with a $500 value each.

However, some Publix locations may allow you to purchase a money order that exceeds $500, but it’s up to the manager and generally not allowed.

If you can purchase a money order over $500, ensure you have identification because you’ll be asked for an I.D. when purchasing it.

Additionally, there are no limits on the number of money orders you can buy at Publix as long as you stay under the $500 limit on each one.

What Type Of Money Order Does Publix Use?

Publix uses Western Union for money orders, one of the most common companies providing money orders nationwide.

How Do I Write a Publix Money Order?

It’s simple to fill out a money order from Publix, and the steps include:

  • Put the name of the recipient on the money order
  • Put your name in the purchaser area
  • If it’s a bill, then add the account number to the money order
  • In the section with “Purchaser Signature,” sign your name
  • Keep the receipt attached to the money order

If you get confused about filling it out, you can ask a customer service employee or look online, where there are plenty of video tutorials and guides.

How Do I Track a Publix Money Order?

It’s easy to track a money order purchased at Publix since it’s a Western Union money order. That said, just call the Western Union phone number listed on your receipt.

Further, you’ll need to provide the 11-digit money order code, and the automated system will allow you to find out where the money order is and if it has been cashed yet.

Does Publix Refund Money Orders?

Sadly, Publix does not refund money orders since they’re Western Union. So, if you need a refund, you must contact Western Union to begin the refund process.

Additionally, if you request a refund through Western Union, you’ll be charged a refund processing fee of $15.

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