Does Rite Aid Develop Film? (All You Need To Know)

When film was extremely common, it wasn’t difficult to find somewhere to develop it. However, nowadays, it’s much more difficult, as digital pictures are the norm, so most places that once developed film no longer offer this service.

So, if you want to learn about Rite Aid and whether or not it still develops film, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at our answer below!

Does Rite Aid Develop Film In [currentyear]?

Some Rite Aid locations develop film, while some do not in [currentyear]. Therefore, we highly recommend that you call before you take your film. Rite Aid does not develop any film at the store, but rather sends it off to another third-party facility. Due to this extra step, it takes about a week to get your developed film back.

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Can You Get Film Developed at Rite Aid?

Once upon a time, it was very common for Rite Aid to develop film. However, whether or not your local store does depends on your area and the particular store.

Some may still have that capability, while others do not.

With that said, Rite Aid’s website does not mention it, so you’ll have to call or visit your local store to learn whether the staff are able to offer this service.

However, many Rite Aids will print out digital pictures. Those that have been around for years may also have the capability of developing film.

Therefore, we highly recommend that you call ahead to ensure that your local store can develop the film before you visit.

What Stores Still Develop Film?

What Stores Still Develop Film?

Rite Aid may or may not develop film. However, there are other stores that you may be able to visit for this service.

For instance, CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart all still develop film at most locations. Again, this does vary from location to location.

Older stores are more likely to develop film, while new ones may not have the capability.

With that said, these stores do not develop them in-house. Instead, the film is sent off to another location for development. Usually, turnaround time is about a week.

Because these stores simply send the film off to a third-party for development, you may just want to send your film to a third-party store directly.

In fact, this is what most people do these days. For instance, the Dark Room develops film in the traditional manner.

Furthermore, there are plenty of other places to develop film as well.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Roll of Film?

Developing a roll of film typically costs anywhere from $12 to $20, but this depends largely on the location and store where you’re having it developed.

Usually, the cheapest thing to do is find a store that develops it on site. Because there is no middle man, these stores are typically much cheaper.

Walmart and similar stores that send film to a third-party charge you for the actual service and for sending the film, so going through them is not always worthwhile.

How Long Will Film Last Undeveloped?

Today, if you’re looking to develop film, you’ve probably found it. Therefore, it could be quite old, which doesn’t always work in most cases.

Overtime, film does degrade. Therefore, the photo quality will depend on how old the pictures are. Of course, it also depends on how the film was stored.

Generally, film holds up pretty well for 20-30 years. If it’s older, though, the photo quality may have started degrading too much.

You may still get some decent pictures, but it’s not guaranteed.

With that said, the only way to know is to develop the film. There isn’t anything you can do to improve the quality, so the best thing to do is get it developed and cross your fingers.

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Rite Aid may be able to develop film at some locations. However, we absolutely recommend asking before you make a trip to just develop your film, as many stores no longer offer this service.

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